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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Woodopriest, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Woodopriest

    Woodopriest New Member

    Hi all
    Woodopriest here, been playing Minecraft for a while since beta 1.4 i think it was...
    When minecraft got released I discovered MODS......... nice
    Been watching Direwolf20, Ethoslab and som mebers of the mindcrack server and ofc Slowpoke101 on Twitch.

    Have an youtube channel but nothing much there yet, my computer dont agree with capturing programs :-(

    I've also tried the FTB maps, and ofc failed :-D

    Just waiting for the next release of FTB mod Pack

    Abit about me, I am 36 years young live in Stavanger, Norway.

    Interest: computer, books, science and programming
    Running an mc vanilla server for some friends..

    Anything else I'll try to answer..

    That's all from me.. Have an nice day :-D

    hmm wonder if I got it right...
  2. DarkJDL

    DarkJDL New Member

    lol, I tried making LPs of some Zelda games(as a beginning) and every videos I had had audio desynchronisation, So I think I get what you mean lol;

    Hello there Woodo!
    I am DarkJDL, Remember me?! The guy with the face! (oh my!)
    nah I'm kidding we never met;

    I like how you wrote 36 years 'young' because people learn 'old' as kids and they usually get stuck with it =)

    I would like to know your reason for running a vanilla server for your friends;
    is it because they don't like mods?
    is it because they have trouble installing mods?
    is it because they just absolutely love vanilla?
    is it because your server is low-end and mods work pretty bad on it?
    or other: "please explain" :D(zomg this is an exam! just kidding)
  3. Woodopriest

    Woodopriest New Member

    Hi there DarkJDL

    Nice one..

    My server runs in vanilla because of my friends, they have problems with installing mods, and have an tendency to update minecraft when an new version is online :-/

    Currentli I am waiting for MC Port Central to update craftbukkit, and ofc waiting for MultiModWorld to be updated aswell.

    I really want to run an MC server with bukkit and FTB mod pack, wel because I like it alot..

    I like Bukkit --> Plugins.... I wanna do FTB mod pack with Runecraft and Craftbook or falsebook, Think of it RedPower 2 and those plugins proberly server crash but fun :-D

    I like FTB-mod pack --> I love building stuff and I miss the mods in MC1.3.2 got 45 installed nods on my 1.2.5 tho :-D

    Have fune and Build on :p
  4. DarkJDL

    DarkJDL New Member

    MultiMC 4.0.0 has a "downgrade" button

    and I believe there is 1.2.5 SMP FTB Modpack(not as good as the coming 1.3.2 but still very fun) with craftbukkit on (I have one) Although I am not sure I am allowed to distribute it, I got it on teamspeak from Adib. I will ask Slowpoke and I'll send you the direct download mediafire links* (it's the only thing I have right now) If you want it;

    Time to ask! I'll be back!

    *or another link if I'm given one.
  5. Woodopriest

    Woodopriest New Member

    Gonna try the multimc4...

    And if you don't get the ftb pack, no worries I am very patient

    I am so sorry for my english, not that good at it :-D
  6. DarkJDL

    DarkJDL New Member

    I already got a reply from Slowpoke, I am not allowed to publicly post the thingamabobs; and that's understandable. I got mine in a private sort of fashion, Maybe I should shut my mouth about these kind of things, but hey, I'm transparent. another issue is that there are some flaws in the version I have; another issue that I kind of brought up on my own is that you're new =p. So I don't know how you're gonna use the things, Soo, I'm going to wait until you have the teamspeak informations(50ish-non-idiotic-non-spamy posts?) and then I will find a way to privately send it to you the same way adib did with me, if you're still interested. And since I've been using it, I can point out some of the few flaws there were.
  7. Woodopriest

    Woodopriest New Member

    No worries at all, I'll wait until the mod-pack is done, and I like the idee about an launcher from Forkk ( hope I spelled it right)

    Gonna play with the new MultiMc abit... as quick as I can remeber my mc password :-/
  8. DarkJDL

    DarkJDL New Member

    try "I like potatoes" for the password. I'm sure it has a chance of working
    "Forkk" was spelled right, "Idee" was not =p 'idea'

    and waiting until the real mod-pack is done is probably the best idea legaly and bug-free wise, I'm so looking forward to it a lot.

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