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Hi! I'm a Minecraft player who used to play Minecraft but now getting bored of it due to Minecraft servers having too much unfairness from their pay-to-win systems.
However, these modpacks are almost immune to pay-to-win due to both Mojang EULA and some modders who don't want other people to make money from their mods. It makes modpacks a fair gameplay while one-upping the gameplay value. When I got no Wi-Fi I would play modpacks.
Therefore, I'm resorting to modpacks. But not forever....
I played Minecraft since 22nd October 2012, bought Minecraft at 8th June 2015, but stopped playing at around 1.8. Now is 1.10. I rarely play vanilla Minecraft now.
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King of the Wicked
Dec 19, 2012
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Hi Anbang, welcome to the forums mate. Yeah I hate servers like that too, if I'm on a server I prefer it to be a server of my friends rather than public.