Request Hello! Anyone looking for a FTB partner?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Jimmy_Smith, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. Jimmy_Smith

    Jimmy_Smith Guest

    I play FTB with a few friends however we often end up doing other stuff and I end up been on FTB alone.
    I enjoy tech packs and some magic packs.

    I run a server for friends on my PC. I'd like someone similar age to me if possible (I'm 22) English speaking with a mic and Teamspeak. Drop me a message on here or get in touch with me on Steam @patrick081193
  2. Arkanorian

    Arkanorian Guest

    Hey, I know you said someone preferably your age, but I'm currently looking for an FTB Partner myself. I'm a youngling. 14 years young. I speak English (Primary) and Hebrew (Secondary) with no accent. I have a Razer Kraken 7.1 with a mic and I do have Teamspeak. I'd be glad to play some FTB with you, hopefully the age is not a dealbreaker. If you're interested, contact me on Steam @Arkanorian.

  3. Jimmy_Smith

    Jimmy_Smith Guest

    Added you on Steam I'll chat to you on there
  4. ItsKam

    ItsKam Guest

    Hey there, Im 15. I enjoy modpacks, im experienced, i have completed 2 modpacks. im a serious player... that likes to still joke around sometimes. but ya i have a mic and ts. down to play when ever
  5. Jimmy_Smith

    Jimmy_Smith Guest

    Your welcome to join myself and Arkanorian. Recent word not much tech as of yet.
  6. boxboxj

    boxboxj Guest

    hey i am 16 and i would like to join have ts discord and skype :)
  7. Jimmy_Smith

    Jimmy_Smith Guest

    Add me on Skype adamski081193 or adamski0811 can't remmeber wich one don't use it often. If you have steam add me using patrick081193 it will come up as Jimmy Smith.
  8. Ryan_1246

    Ryan_1246 New Member

    Hey im 19 and you and I have the same problem Jimmy lol, I run a server but often i end up playing alone since everyone wants to play something else. What packs do you like to play? if you want to add me on steam.
  9. Jimmy_Smith

    Jimmy_Smith Guest

    Yea I'll add you on Steam and go from there
  10. boxboxj

    boxboxj Guest

    yo i added youf skype
  11. Jimmy_Smith

    Jimmy_Smith Guest

    After a while of playing the lad I was teaming with no longer plays :(. Looking yet again for a fresh start on infinity!
  12. Tyreed1

    Tyreed1 Guest

    Add me if youd like.
    Curse : Tyreed1
    Steam : ericshun68
    Im 19
    Can run the server myself aswell as join yours up to you. Preferably id like to run it myself.
  13. Jimmy_Smith

    Jimmy_Smith Guest

    That steam name doesnt come up bud
  14. Tyreed1

    Tyreed1 Guest

  15. Aakarsh98

    Aakarsh98 Guest

    Jimmy added you on steam mine is aakarsh79
  16. Jimmy_Smith

    Jimmy_Smith Guest

    Anyone from the UK interested. It's nice having someone more active. Last server got broken due to a power surge in my area. Lost my entire PC. Back to normal now and wondering if anyone else wants to form a small community of people on a home hosted 24/7 server to play on
  17. Goods

    Goods Guest

    I know I'm a few months late, but if you guys are still playing, I am very interested in finding a 24/7 FTB server to make a home on. I am a 26 year old male in NYC. If you'd like to contact me, my steam is:
  18. Albertoersa

    Albertoersa Guest

    Im also quite late to the party, i hope you add me; im 20 years old, i do speak english, have a mic and everything. Id quite like to play on a server,; if youd consider me, my steam is :albertoersa

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