Heeya everyone!



Long time reader, first time poster here.
I've been playing minecraft since 2010 I guess, the game was at the beta state. I heard it from a friend and loved the idea behind the game. "Do whatever you want". So I started playing. After months of building houses, mining and "do whatever you want" stuff, I decided to take a look at the local forum and I discovered something I've never seen before. Redstone! After a few months of experimenting the redstone, building bigger and better stuff, hanging in mp servers I started to get bored and I wanted to try something else. Something I've never done before.

That's how I met with mods. There was not much cool stuff back then, and as someone quickly get bored of everyting, I couldn't been into mods very much. Also I wasn't very good at English so reading wikis and watching guides were impossible to me. So, I stopped playing modded minecraft and started playing on servers. After a few years of being a moderator on local forum in my country, owning my own server and playing on hundreads of servers, I really got bored of the game and didn't play it for a year.

And then a friend said the magic words. "Have you played the Material Energy?"
So I decided to take a look at it. There was a few mods that I played a bit before, but almost everything was unfamiliar. I said "hmm it looks cool I will definately take a look at it later". Then I played nearly 15 hours without sleeping. Thanks to @parcel31u for making such an awesome modpack and bringing me back to the game.

So here I am, after playing ME^4 and a few cool modpacks for a year I decided the join the forums that I always get help as a reader.

Hello everyone!