Open Hardened Glass does not appear & causes crashes with CTM

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    Summary of the problem Hardened Glass does not appear & causes crashes with CTM

    Pack Version 2.1.0

    What is the bug? I am playing the default 2.1.0 release of Revelations with optifine added, and have been doing so for about a week. As of today, hardened glass does not appear in JEI (there are blank spots where it should appear), and viewing a recipe for or requiring hardened glass, the game crashes.

    This is an emergent bug that I have not encountered before. As far as I know, unless the 2.1.0 release has been modified, nothing has changed in the mods I am loading in all of the time I have played the pack (other than removing optifine after the crashes started in an unsuccessful attempt to solve the issue). The crash report (see below) seems to indicate Thermal Foundation and Chisel might be the causes, although since this issue popped up, ME cables have not been rendered properly in the world (they were fine before)

    The only new things I've done in-game since this issue popped up was build a structure using architecturecraft blocks, including blocks from chisel shaped with the architecturecraft bench.

    Last minute update: I removed CTM as recommended by a post about a similar issue, and the hardened glass reappears in JEI and the crashes stop. However, the chisel mod is horrendously broken by this, as all of the chisel textures are missing, and chisel causes different crashes. (listed as a reply to the crash report link below)

    Mod & Version All versions should be as contained in Revelations v 2.1.0

    As mentioned above, from what I can tell from the crash report, Chisel (v and Thermal Foundation (v are conflicting and causing the crash, although I'm not totally convinced that they are the root cause.

    In case it's relevant, my architecturecraft version is 1.12-2.68, and AE2 is rv5-stable-11

    The CTM version I removed was

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? I have tried several fixes - removing optifine, taking off my texture pack, booting from JAR rather than native launcher, and several in-game things like emptying my inventory or crafting hardened glass. Without exception, unless CTM is removed, hardened glass has remained invisible in JEI.

    Known Fix Removing Connected Textures Mod (CTM) fixes the crashes, but this is not a viable solution as it causes the chisel mod's texture loading to break and causes other crashes.
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    The forum won't let me edit my own bug report (it complains about this addition being "spammy" or "inappropriate" for some reason), so I'm going to put this here:

    EDIT: As a desperate last attempt to fix it, I completely deleted and reinstalled the pack twice (backing up my world externally). The first re-install didn't change anything, but on the second re-install, the issue has magically disappeared. I'm guessing something somewhere on my system or in my pack was corrupted, which must have survived the first purge (I may not have selected the "delete all backups" option when I deleted the pack the first time, so maybe that was how it got carried over?)

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