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  1. Hello, I just signed up today, I kinda need help with AE2 (A 1.7.10 version of it) and I can't seem to figure out which forum would be most appropriate. Could anyone point out which one would be best?

    Now for the actual intro:

    Hello, I run my own Minecraft server that I mainly use for testing development stuff I think of from time to time. It has a peak player base of 2 players weekdays whenever we're home from uni/work, and has a custom modpack, and a website integrated with the server. Pretty neat, huh?

    Anyway, hopefully I can get some tech support soon, because I can't find anything for direct support from AE2 devs or anything of that sort.
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  3. Thanks :D Although to be honest I dicovered the issue. I was trying to craft 136'344 copper blocks and apparently that requires more crafting storage than 13 * 64k storage, which is what all 12 of my CPUs had :/ For some reason AE2 just says there's no CPU available, which to me meant that none of them were connected. FIrst time I had to deal with an issue like that, lol.
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    What Henry said. Also hey and welcome!
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