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Jul 29, 2019
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Welcome to the FTB Pyramid Reborn map
. This map is an updated version of the original FTB Pyramid map first released in Minecraft 1.2.5. This map has been designed to be played by both single players and teams. In addition you can find both 2 player/team and 4 player/team versions of the maps included in the server files. These server files can be found on both the FTB launcher or via CurseForge at

Your goal is to complete all the objectives found on your teams main island. These objectives are found upon the various screens that can be viewed on each island. Depending on which version of the map you are playing you may find that each obejective as a number of sub goals that need to be achieved in orcer to complete that objective.

Depending on which version of the map you are playing you will find up to 4 main islands which can be used as starting points. For single player you will be pre-assigned to the Red Team and will have started on the small island. If you are playing on a server you will have started inside the pyramid. From here you can press G to select a team. This will instantly teleport you to your starting island and you are free to begin your journey.

  • 1. You may not build directly on or over any of the main islands. The only exception to this rule is you may construct wiring or piping to allow you to transfer fluids or energy to the corresponding objective input
  • 2. You may not break any of the blocks on either the central island or the main objective islands.
  • 3. In the event of death where you have lost the items from the starter chests you can retrieve the items from the panic chest to help you get started again. The Panic Chest is found on the objective island.
  • 4. If you die before you have had a chance to bridge across to the objective island, you would need to restart the game.
  • In the event that you lose your items before bridging across on a server where restarting is impractical, you can get a server admin to teleport you over the objective island.

  • If you are playing on a multiplayer server before starting the map you should first select a team to play on. You can do this by opening the teams GUI by pressing H. Once you have selected a team you will be teleported to corresponding starter island.
  • To begin the map you should first take out the items inside the chest found on your island Inside you will find enough materials to allow you to begin to exapnd your initial base. (For single player or if you are playing on the red island, there will be a timer that will allow for speed run timing. This should be extended to allow timers for all teams in the future.)
  • Once you have established a base you can travel to the nether where you can find a secondary starter chest with more items to help you get started. If you somehow manage to lose any of your starting items, you can find a panic chest on the objectives island that will allow you to get up and running again without having to restart the map.
  • Having collected all of the starter items, you are now ready to expand your base. You can start to add new features such as a cobble generator, a tree farm possibly a mob farm and a passive mob spawning area. You can also bridge over to the objective island and take a look at the various objectives required to complete the map.

Once you have expanded your base a bit and returned from the nether, It's time to set up your first cobblegen. There are many different designs, however, to understand what you are trying to achieve when a lava stream comes into contact with flowing water, the lava will turn into cobblestone. Removing this piece of cobblestone allows the lava and water to flow together again forming another block of cobblestone. It is essential when designing your cobblegen to take steps to prevent the water from coming into direct contact with the lava source block. If flowing water meets still lava, the lava block will turn into obsidian and break the cobblegen completely.

  • In past maps, various tools have been used to allow players to create the raw resources they need to complete their goals. For the first time in this map, we are introducing our own custom method of acquiring these resources.
  • The Resource Generator is an advanced block, that will allow you to convert raw energy directly into resources. Transferring raw energy (such as RF or EU) into any side of the ResGen will allow the device to start up.
  • To start the process, you first need to indicate to the ResGen what item it should produce. To do this, you must place an item frame on any of the four sides, and then place the item you want to start to create into the item frame. The ResGen is capable of producing more than one item at a time. To do this just add a second item frame onto the ResGen and place a second item in that item frame. With this done the machine will alternate producing both items. The ResGen can be set to produce up to a maximum of four items.
  • Note: The ResGen outputs items into an inventory connected to the top side.
  • The amount of energy required to create an item varies according to the item. Also, the amount of time it takes to convert the energy into an item also varies according to the item you are trying to create. As a rule, only basic items can be duplicated although you may find a couple of exceptions to this rule. A full list of the items that can be duplicated can be found at the back of this guide.
  • As you progress through the pack, you will be able to create upgrades which will enhance the abilities of the ResGen. These upgrades include:
  • Luck - A chance to get an extra item for free each cycle.
  • Efficiency - Reduce the amount of energy needed per crafting cycle.
  • Speed - Decrease the time taken to craft an item (This has the negative effect of increasing the base energy cost)

At the start of the game, you will have a limited ability to create any type of energy. To help you out we have created the Seebeck Generator. When placed in the world it will take the heat generated from a lit furnace and convert that heat directly into RF power and feed that into the ResGen. Each furnace directly connected to the Seebeck Generator will increase the amount of energy produced.

  • As you progress, you may find yourself needing more than one ResGen or Seebeck Generator. To craft these items, you will need to use the Powered Crafting Table. This item takes and stores energy and uses that energy to finish the crafting process. In addition, you may find with certain recipes the amount of energy required increases each time you complete a craft. In rare cases, you may even see the actual recipe change.
  • Note: Water. The Powered Crafting Table can also be used to fill a bucket with water. To achieve this take an empty bucket, and a bucket filled with water, and place them in the Powered Crafting Grid. Once it receives the right amount of energy, two buckets of water will be returned to you.

  • Having established your base and identified your goals, you can move onto completing the first of these objectives. Along the way, there are several side goals that you can do to help you progress. Turning cobble into furnaces and wood into charcoal will allow you to start powering furnaces. This will enable you to begin to use the ResGen to produce the resources needed to complete the map.
  • Setting up a mob farm will also help to get resources early on. You can even start to expand away from your base. Producing dirt will let you to spread grass away from your platform to make an area for passive mobs to spawn on.

  • My quests are broken
  • If you ever find yourself in a situation where one of the computer screens seems to have failed, you can try going inside the main pyramid. Inside you will find a button hidden behind a trapdoor. This button is used to reset the central computer and can help to fix a lot of problems with broken quests
  • I lost my starter items
  • If you ever find yourself in a position where you somehow lose the items from the starter chests and unable to continue, you can head over to the objective island where you can find a pressure plate in front of a sign marked panic chest. Standing on this plate for 5 minutes without moving off it, will allow you to get a new set of initial items to get you going again.
  • I lost my quest reward items
  • If you somehow manage to lose your reward items from one of the quest objectives, you can repeat the quest and receive the items for a second time. Be warned however that this will only work once.

  • Starter Chest Items
  • 1x Resource Generator
  • 9x Dirt
  • 1x Clay
  • 1x Water Bucket
  • 1x Sapling
  • 2x Cursed Earth
  • 1x Clay Axe
  • 64x Bone Meal
  • Nether Chest
  • 1x Sand
  • 1x Lava Bucket
  • 1x Birch Sapling
  • 1x Clay Shovel
  • 1x Pasture Seeds
  • 1x Seeback Generator
  • 1x Clay Pick
  • 2x Cursed Earth
  • 4x Sand

Objectives and Rewards
# | Mod | Item | Reward(s)
- | --- | ---- | ---------
1 | Storage Drawers | Basic Drawer | Iron, Redstone, Lapis, Basalt, Marble
2 | Extra Utilities | Furnace Generator | Tin, Copper, Gravel
3 | Forestry | Greenhouse Fan | Lead, Rubber Sapling, Rice Seed
4 | Industrial Craft | Induction Furnace | Black Quartz, Glowstone, Quartz
5 | Actually Additions | Shock Absorber | Silver, Diamond
6 | Forestry | 50,000 MB BioMass | Sugarcane, Coal, Nickel
7 | Refined Storage | Crafting Grid | Platinum, Mushroom (red), Mushroom (brown)
8 | RF Power | 30,000,000 RF | Amadron Tablet, Menril Sapling
9 | Industrial Foregoing | Material Stonework Factory | Angel Ring
10 | Thermal Expansion | 50,000 Tectonic Petrotheum | Unbreakable Builders Wand, Energy Cell (Resonant)
11 | Immersive Engineering | Garden Cloche | Canola Seeds, Cactus
12 | EU Power | 3,000,000 EU | Greater Black Lotus, Aluminum
13 | PneumaticCraft | Programmer | Flux Infused Amour, Tools and Weapons
14 | Botania | Starfield Creator | Draconium Dust
15 | Draconic Evolution | Draconic Fusion Crafting Injector | ???
16 | Minecraft | Clay Bedrock | ???

  • Panic Chest (Use only in emergency)
  • 1x Lava Bucket
  • 1x Water Bucket
  • 1x Pasture Seed
  • 1x Sapling
  • 16x Bonemeal
  • 1x Resource Generator
  • 1x Seeback Generator
Resource Generator Energy Values
All values are in EU, (RF = EU x 4)(1s = 20 ticks)

Item | Power (EU) | Time (ticks)
---- | ---------- | ------------
Aluminum Ingot | 512 | 40
Aluminum Ore | 512 | 40
Apatite | 512 | 40
Apatite Ore | 512 | 40
Benitoite | 512 | 40
Benitoite Ore | 512 | 40
Black Lotus | 512 | 40
Black Quartz | 1024 | 40
Black Quartz Ore | 1024 | 40
Blaze Powder | 500 | 40
Canola Seeds | 256 | 40
Carrot | 256 | 40
Clay | 256 | 40
Coal | 512 | 40
Coal Ore | 512 | 40
Cobblestone | 16 | 30
Coffee Seeds | 256 | 40
Copper Ingot | 512 | 40
Copper Ore | 512 | 40
Diamond | 8192 | 40
Diamond Ore | 8192 | 40
Diorite | 16 | 40
Dirt | 16 | 40
Draconium Dust | 8192 | 40
Draconium Ore | 8192 | 40
Emerald | 8192 | 40
Emerald Ore | 8192 | 40
Ender Dust | 8192 | 40
Endstone | 512 | 40
Glowstone Dust | 512 | 40
Glowstone | 2048 | 40
Gold Ingot | 512 | 40
Gold Ore | 512 | 40
Grass Block | 16 | 40
Gravel | 16 | 40
Iridium Ore | 2048 | 40
Iron Ingot | 512 | 40
Iron Ore | 512 | 40
Lapis Lazuli | 512 | 40
Lapis Lazuli Ore | 2048 | 40
Lead Ingot | 512 | 40
Lead Ore | 512 | 40
Marble | 16 | 40
Melon Seeds | 256 | 40
Mushroom (brown) | 256 | 40
Mushroom (red) | 256 | 40
Nether Brick | 512 | 40
Nether Quartz | 128 | 40
Nether Quartz Ore | 512 | 40
Nether Wart | 256 | 40
Netherrack | 256 | 40
Nickel Ingot | 512 | 40
Nickel Ore | 512 | 40
Obsidian | 512 | 40
Potato | 256 | 40
Pumpkin Seeds | 256 | 40
Redstone | 64 | 40
Redstone Ore | 256 | 40
Sand | 16 | 40
Silver Ingot | 512 | 40
Silver Ore | 512 | 40
Snowball | 256 | 40
Soul Sand | 512 | 40
Sponge | 512 | 40
Tin Ingot | 512 | 40
Tin Ore | 512 | 40
Uranium Ingot | 2048 | 40

Hints and Tips
You may find during the very early game that you are struggling for food. Rather than acting like a lemming and going for a swan dive into the void to replenish your hunger bar. Instead you can increase the effectiveness of food items like wheat and apples with a juicer.

Early game you may struggle to find a way to get gold. Thankfully creatures that inhabit the nether will sometimes drop nuggets. Building a small platform a short ways out from the portal in the nether will help to get you started.

At the beginning of the game you find yourself with only one source of water. However the new powered crafting table has recipes that may help you out of this situation.

During the course of the game you may be rewarded with an Angel Ring to help you move around easier. If you are part of a team, you can also find a recipe in the powered crafting table to enable you to easily make more rings for your teammates.

At the beginning of the game you are gifted a bucket of lava. Here you have a choice that will affect your progress. You can either choose to make a manual cobblegen early on which whilst more complicated will allow you to preserve your lava, or you can use your lava bucket up to make a tier 1 cobble generator. This method whilst much simpler early on uses up your lava. This will force you to look for an alternative source of lava later on down the line. There is however a way to make further lava with a bit of extra infrastructure. Tracing back recipes from a lava bucket will help you out.


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