Problem guide book problems



I start playing and the guide book UI those not apear

help plz


i have the same problem, newly installed instance , installed optifine ( doubt its that ) , loaded the world and on spawning i tried opening the book using 'E' then clicking the guide icon top left aswell as rightclicking the book itself, no ui appears... except for the refresh and close buttons.

on pressing refresh the load api screen appears then after completion goes back to showing nothing but the 2 buttons


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Jul 29, 2019
The issue was http vs https in the ftbguides code as the website changed. It was fixed in github 2 days ago and a new version pushed 1 day ago of ftbguides however just updating to the new version of ftbguides doesn't fix the issue. We'll probably have to wait for a pack version to update. I am sure @slowpoke is all over this and we can expect a working version shortly...
The pack plays without the guides working ingame but I parsed the json files in the configs and uploaded them here.
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