GTFO: Gems are Truly Fabulous and Outrageous

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    Hello everybody and welcome to,


    Welcome to my first Minecraft mod: GTFO.

    This is an open source mod, if you wish to contribute, or view the code please take a gander at the github:

    Link to the Curseforge:
    Here is a video I put together to highlight this mod:
    Version 1.1
    Version 1.0

    Here is an Imgur Album with all current features of this mod:

    DOWNLOAD Via CurseForge

    Main Points
    • Adds in 9 ores for the various gems types that are already present in other mods, so this mod can be run in conjunction with them, or by itself.
    • Adds in tools, and armor for each gem type, as well as a gem block.
      • This includes all vanilla tools such as Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, Hoe, and Sword. In addition to these five base tools I have added in a Dual Tool for each tier that acts as both a Pickaxe and a Shovel.
    • The tiers of gems are as follows.
      • Topaz
      • Malachite
      • Quartz (Vanilla Minecraft)
      • Amber
      • Tanzanite
      • Diamond (Vanilla Minecraft)
      • Peridot
      • Sapphire
      • Ruby
      • Emerald (Vanilla Minecraft)
      • Amethyst
      • Jet (Can only be mined with Amethyst or Cobalt equivalent pickaxe)
    • This Mod's starting point is with Topaz which is slightly better than a stone pickaxe, and leather armor and ending with jet which has over 4x the durability, damage, 2x protection of diamond gear.
    • Each tool, or piece of armor builds upon the previous tier as a crafting material.
    • The ores also get rarer as the quality of the gem improves.
      • Topaz being slightly more rare than coal/iron
      • Amethyst and Jet spawning around 2 ores per chunk.
    • AOE Tools (Large Variants of normal tools) mine in a 3x3x1 area for their respective types.
      • Crafting recipes are a "hat" of Gem Blocks over the tool over a stick for the normal Large Variants.
      • For the Dual Tool it is a Large Shovel over a Large Pickaxe over a stick.
        • Or previous tier of Large Dual Tool surrounded by the next tier up of Gem Blocks.
    • Universal Repair Materials
      • Gem Putty/Dense Gem Putty
        • Repair 9200 or 32700 durability for 20/30 levels respectively. In addition they allow renaming of items for 5/0 levels respectively
    • Planned Additions to this mod for future releases
      • Potentially add another tier of gem which will not generate in the world
      • Storage Blocks
      • Light Sources
      • Super AOE Tools (Something like 5x5x5 area)
    You can use this mod for a modpack, fork the code, copy code, whatever. This is open source and free to use. I made this simply to learn some basics of minecraft modding and if it helps anyone that would make me happy! All I ask is that you link back to this post or the curseforge page for credit.

    Special Thanks:

    Special thanks to all those who helped me in this journey.
    These wonderful people include: @Hlaaftana , @ljfa , @goldenapple , @OreCruncher , @Type1Ninja , Wuppy, @pahimar , XFactor, Boni, @SatanicSanta , @TehNut , Titanium Missle, @shadowfactsdev , @joshwoo70 , and a few others who I can't find their youtube videos anymore.
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    Version 1.1 Released
    • Implemented AOE harvesting of blocks.
    • Added Large tool types. These tools mine in a 3x3x1 area for their respective types of Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel and Dual Tool (combination of Pickaxe and Shovel).
      • Crafting recipe's for the large tools are simply the base/normal tool type with a helmet shape of gem blocks above them.
        • XXX
        • XPX
        • S
          • X=Gem Block, P=Tool, S= Stick
      • Large Dual tool has 2 recipes. First is a Large Shovel, over a Large Pickaxe, over a Stick. The second is the previous tier of Large dual tool surrounded by the next highest tier of gem blocks.
        • X
        • Y
        • S
          • X= Shovel, Y=Pickaxe, S=Stick
        • XXX
        • XYX
        • XXX
          • X=Gem Block, Y=Previous Tier Dual Tool.
    • 2 new repair materials. Gem Putty, and Dense Gem Putty.
      • Gem Putty repairs 9200 durability for 20 levels, with 5 levels to rename the item
      • Dense Gem Putty repairs 32700 durability for 30 levels with free item renaming.
      • Gem Putty is crafted from a varying amount of gems equal to their rarity surrounding a slimeball.
        • Ex Topaz requires 8 gems while jet only requires 1
      • Dense Gem Putty is crafted with 4 normal gem putty.
    Plans for V 1.2 include

    • Storage blocks
    • Treecapitator esq function on Large Axes (cut down full trees)
    • Light Sources of varying qualities.
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    Dont forget about me for helping you in fixing the server bug! :p
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    Changelog for 1.1a

    • Bugfix for server crash.
      • Removed some Sideonly Client overrides, and moved part of a line of code in the gemores file. If you are interested see the github files
    • Implemented a test torch
      • Same as vanilla, just with an awful texture, Mainly just seeing if I can make a better light source
    • Implemented a test chest
      • Basic chest & structure for the 1.2 update which will feature new tiers of chests with increased storage capacity as compared to vanilla. Think Iron Chests, but based with my mods, and hopefully with more storage for the last few tiers.

    Changelog for 1.1b
    • Added alternate recipes for the Diamond AOE Tools
      • (kept old ones, just added new ones so you can start at diamond tier)
    • Removed Test Chest and test torch as I can't get them to do what I want.
    • Added Super AOE Tools (Radius 3 for Amethyst, and Radius 5 for Jet)
      • Recipe for each is the Large Dual Tool with Nether Stars in the cardinal directions for the Amethyst, or surrounding for the jet tool (alternatively you can put nether stars in the cardinal directions around the amethyst tool to upgrade to the jet version)

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