Open Graves dont hold all of my items



Summary of the problem Graves dont hold all of my items

Pack Version V1.11.0

What is the bug? When i die and i go back to my grave some of the items are not dropped by it. I have already lost all of my psi stuff and a lot of materials.

Mod & Version The only mod involved is the Gravestone Mod and it is 1.5.13

Link to log file I dont understand how to get this

Is it repeatable? Yes it is repeatable I just have to die and my grave does not have all the items it usually happens when i suffocate in a wall.

Known Fix I have lost my items over 50% of the time and the majority is when i suffocate in a wall although it happens when i die normally it happens much less.


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Aug 24, 2013
Do U test it? Some times I lost items which drops in walls.
Log is not needed.
Also, are you breaking the grave while in creative? I know at one point some models items didn't play nice with the gravestone mod while in creative.

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