Gotham a game of Mafia [Werewolf][Signups]


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Jul 29, 2019
DISCLAIMER: It is a werewolf styled game!

It is finally the time, that this game, which has been passed along for generations, and has killed more FTB members then that pyure has died on N1.

Welcome to Gotham a game of Mafia!


Gotham was a game created a long time ago, but the current creator Mevansuto died as he realised the glory he had made. After weeks of long nights tweaking with the Werewolf king Shazam himself. We finally came to an agreement:

The game was a total and utter mess and broken beyond repairs!

"But Dylan! Why are we playing it then!?" I can hear you shout from the distance,
well we have kept the same concept but turned it into a game of Werewolf, but a lot has changed since the original Gotham. Enough talk, lets actually get to it and play!

  • Execution votes must be posted by 8:00 PM, GMT (the following afternoon). Failure to comply will get you smitten. All votes must be in bold. Prefferabbly in the format of: ##vote Pyure
  • I have the final say. If you disagree with me please say so, but don’t think that’ll mean I’ll change my mind.
  • do Never quote or make screenshots of any of your PM's especially your role PM. Doing so will be a direct smite with no pardon!
  • Once you die, you will have a note written by you revealed to the other players. You must PM the GM your note each night. Your role will not be confirmed.
    - If a certain character is alive (check the game sheet) role alignment will be confirmed​
  • Once there are 10 Players left, 3 of them are assigned a virus. It is like an additional ability, except you can’t control it.
  • All votes require a reason (no anti-smite votes).
  • Don't post in the thread once you've died. So no ghosting at all! There will be a Dead Man’s Conversation which still allows you to impact the game.
  • Voting for yourself is only permitted if your ability permits it.
  • I must be invited to all game-related conversations.

Game sheet - Game Thread - Organisation Thread

The Forsaken:
  1. Vikestep
  2. RealKC
  3. Someone Else37
  4. Strikingwolf
  5. Erindalc
  6. Nojr
  7. Profags
  8. Cheese
  9. Lethosos
  10. Corpsecat
  11. Shazam08
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