Gone for SO long

Zein Eizoku

New Member
Jul 29, 2019
General chat, So here goes.

What is yup everyone, a lot of everyone here now probably will not know me... and that is okay. That is my fault. I was active once but, family and events out of my control arose and took me out of the running of making my Mod and just existing here in general. Alas that is how life goes, currently I am in a good place and feel like it is a good enough.

The whole point in this is just to basically say, "Hello.... Again" and greet the forum mods that wish to reply to this thread. I am back into full swing development of the mod I was working on, tho it is basically back to basics with it since we are past 1.7.10 and up to 1.10+ So I am just going to focus on 1.10 for now.

I hope everyone is well, and fantastic. I am glad to hear from anyone.

PS. If a Moderator wouldn't mind Messaging me I have a question. Thanks haha <3