GLSL Shaders for Feed The Beast

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by xuanson138, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. xuanson138

    xuanson138 New Member

    today i present for you how to install GLSL Shaders for Feed The Beast
    1. Download GLSL Shaders Mod:
    2. Download any shaders list here:
    3. Follow instructions:
    • 1. Download GLSL Shaders OF and Optifine HD
    • 2. Extract Optifine HD into Minecraft.jar
    • 3. Delete INF-META
    • 4. Open game and check for Optifine (If you see Optine 1.x.x then you are done with this step. If you don’t see it,back to step 2)
    • 5. Extract GLSL Shader OF to Minecraft.jar
    • 6. Open the Game and go to Option > Shaders and Click on the Shaders Folder buttons (It should open new windown)
    • 7. Download Sildur’s shader or Zeeekes complete shaders/Chocapic13′s shaders! to your .minecraft/shaders Folder
    • 8. Back to Game and choosing the shaders you downloaded
    • 9. Finish and enjoy the game
    • 10. Or using Magic Launcher to install it automaticly

  2. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    From the wiki:

    Has this been fixed? Because otherwise... not so useful for FTB.

    Also, your installation instructions are overly complicated and not necessary for anyone using a FTB Launcher. Make sure you have Optifine as a .jar mod, then throw GLSL Shader OF in as a .jar mod as well. However, I wouldn't suggest it to anyone until we can confirm that automation won't crash it. Also, it only apparently works with a very few texture packs, only a couple of which have mod support.
  3. Huene

    Huene New Member

    I'm not having any problem with it, this actually worked for me, quite well in fact, first guide that actually provided links to working versions, but don't update when it tells you there's an update, it seems the newer one crashes, but I have no problem around tubing, piping and such, I don't have a sorting machine right now to confirm that though.
  4. Bahnmor

    Bahnmor New Member

    There's another guide in the Texture Pack forum that has an explanation on what to add to your texture pack of choice to change the light maps so that they work with the shaders mod.
    Lovely though it is, I don't use it myself. It brings my frame rates from 80+ down to around 30.
    At some point I'll maybe try and find a version that doesn't make trees and grass move, see if that's better.
  5. vince959

    vince959 New Member

    Just loaded the GLSL shader in the jarmod inside the launcher and downloaded SEUS v10 RC7. GLSL shader mod is loaded into the game properly i believe, i noticed an obvious drop in frame rate but didn't see much different switching the shaders in the option.
  6. Xeonen

    Xeonen New Member

    I'm using FTB Ultimate 1.0.1 and it doesn't do a thing to me and I've followed all the steps to the letter.
  7. Sleeper

    Sleeper New Member

    I'm exactly the same. I can select any shaders I have installed but they do nothing at all.
  8. Xeonen

    Xeonen New Member

    Sleeper, I've found a workaround for that problem; you can import your FTB installation into MultiMC and launch from there, if you follow the steps and use MultiMC instead of FTB Launcher it will work.
  9. simon hansson

    simon hansson New Member

    The game is crashing for me after launching. everything goes fine and the mojang text is popping up but after that this screen comes up: (sorry for the HUGE image, dont know how to make it smaller).
    Anyone got any idea what i've done wrong?

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