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Getting started in FTB

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Hjalledragon, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Hjalledragon

    Hjalledragon New Member

    Hello. From clicking on this post, i assume you want to find out how to start out in FTB, or you mis-clicked, or your mouse is spassing out. who knows?
    This will cover (most) basic content on getting started. i won't include "How to make quantum armor" or "WHY CANZ I FIND ANNY POTATO?!!!!!111!!!" but i will explain a lot of basic stuff. Also please note, this is mostly intended for mindcrack/dw20 pack as some of this stuff will not make sense since there's so many modpacks. If you're crafting anything advanced, look it up in NEI. It changes across modpacks. This thread will be updated over time, as i can't work on it for too long.
    -You have FTB (DW20 / MINDCRACK)
    -You have basic vanilla knowledge. Don't come to me saying; "HOV TO MAK CRAFTIN TABL"
    -Even if you don't know how to craft something, use NEI :D
    -You can read through basic spelling errors. Sometimes even i make mistakkes. <----- Don't point out
    STEP 1:
    Make a world and look around. Bad world, delete the old world and make a new one. Best case scenario, village + lots of wood + flat land. Consider whether you would like a top world base (Most preffered by many) or an underground one. I like both, but it's up to you.
    If there is a village, make a race to loot it with your self... (Tip: you will need to attack a tower and the blacksmith)
    [Crowd cheers]
    A little bit silly but fine. You might not see a blacksmith, they only happen sometimes, but the towers are there 90% of the time. They look usually like this
    [Insert ScreenShot Here(Blank on how to though, find out later)]
    Then go punch wood. punch a tree down, make a crafting table, make a wooden pickaxe and dig down to get three stone. Make a stone pickaxe and mine ≈20 stone for now. Make a stone axe and chop down wood: You need a lot i reccomend ≈64. Build a base, underground or overground quickly. Make some planks, and cook up some charcoal for torches in a furnace and light up your home. Make a few more (stone) tools, and you should be good to go for step 1.
    -Portable crafting table
    Step 2:
  2. SilvasRuin

    SilvasRuin Active Member

    There are better threads out there for this. The main thing with getting started is how to achieve 200% yield from ores or greater in a time-efficient manner, and that will differ pretty significantly between the two packs once the Thermal Expansion update hits that detects GregTech and makes the machine frames require Steel and adds Diamonds to the Pulverizer and Induction Smelter crafting recipes.

    I'm not sure why you list vanilla knowledge in the expectations then go through the usual instruction list for making a stone pick. Surviving the first night and gathering basic supplies is definitely vanilla knowledge.
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  3. the_martines

    the_martines Active Member

    I agree with SilvasRuin. So far a pretty useless topic.
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  4. Exedra

    Exedra Over-Achiever

    This doesn't help at all with FTB. It's basically a vanilla guide.
  5. dirtybeatfreak

    dirtybeatfreak Active Member

    Have to agree with the above posters. Good sentiment, but you kind of contradicted yourself more than once. Maybe write one out in notepad first, go over it, then post it when you checked it over. Good luck.
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