Gettin used to FTB IE but am still a scrub at massive modpacks



I've messed around a bit in the past. My a finds rec'd a few things so I am going for tinkerers and thermal expansion first. This is to get a few basic machines and a small power source. After that I want to build a small sorting system with barrels that can eventually take input from a tesseract but am unsure what pipes would be best. Any help with my newbie sorting system or a guide to make it or better sorting systems would be helpful.


I'm finding advanced tube and barrel guides but not alot for the scrub. I should dig further I guess. Amazing forum and wiki btw. I's helping me plan what to do after I get enough machines build to process ores and liquefy other stuff. I cant wait to get past steam engines for power.

Some tips for when mods to delve into would be helpful atter I set up tinkerers and thermal expansion would be nice. along with a link to a easy barrel system guide.
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Dec 19, 2012
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For deeper stuff, perhaps try watching Let's Plays on Youtube? For example, Direwolf20 is fantastic with showing what you can do with mods throughout his videos, in fact he's the reason I got into FTB at all.
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I'll check it out later when I have the time to research and play.


I haven't played around with barrels but hey I'll give you some tips breh.

First off, ditch that barrels thing. Look into Drawers.
Look into Logistics Pipes. They're great to use. I'll post some pictures in just a minute, I'll show you my setup.
But essentially you're going to want to get heavily into Logistics Pipes and Drawers. Logistics Pipes allow easy to program access for any and all inventory storage devices. It'll take awhile to figure out everything but like, endgame that's what you want to sort all your stuff.
Build big rooms. I've got three rooms for use with my pipes and stuff. One for the drawers and my logistics crafting tables, one for my machines, and one for my fluid tanks. Everything is interconnected with the pipes.
Using the logistics pipes I have a tremendous inventory that since I've chunkloaded the entire base I have access to a remote inventory combined with two ender pouches, one for inputting junk and one for what I order through one of the stuffs I have in my inventory.

And on top of all that, because of logistics pipes and how my stuff is setup, I have automated crafting. I ask for a specific item like a Tesseract or a Draconic Core and it auto-crafts it for me. It runs the necessary stuff through the necessary machines and makes items the way I'd do and instead of taking half an hour to craft something complex and needing to run around the base, I can queue it up in my remote inventory access from 2000m away, it'll craft it while I'm mining and then plop it into my ender chest that I can access through my ender pouch.


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Jan 7, 2016
Goodness gracious! That is indeed a lot of storage! :eek:

I would definitely second the recommendation to use Storage Drawers. Early game I do make a few JABBA barrels, but even with the input/output/capacity upgrades I get tired of futzing with them. As soon as I have a steady wood/iron supply I get cracking on drawers, and if your pc/server can handle the load, I do like the decorative aspects as well - frames and all that.

If you have RFTools in your mod pack I'd suggest looking into their Modular Storage System. From what I've seen in videos it looks pretty customizable, but I've only started with it, so I don't have much hands-on experience yet. Kind of a mid-point before getting fully into AE, if that's your end-game goal (I don't really like AE, just my two cents).