Game crashes regardless of pack

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by Rhythim, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. Rhythim

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    Title Game crashes regardless of pack

    Launcher Type FTB Launcher

    Modpack direwolf20

    Modpack version recommended

    Have you modified the pack? No

    Link to log file file:///c:/ftb/FTBPresentsDirewolf20112/minecraft/hs_err_pid10300.log

    Details of the issue I'm trying to run the FTB direwolf 20 pack (or any pack really) but it always crashes somewhere in starting up. I've also tried starting other packs as well but it always just dissappears.

    I've tried reinstalling java, installing other versions of java, reinstalling the launcher, deleting all files for the modpack and the launcher, completely reinstalling, yet it still won't work properly so I decided to ask here for help. I do think the problem is more on my PC's side as I have also tried using the twitch launcher as well as the ftb launcher
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  3. Rhythim

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  4. grandrolf

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    3 questions:

    How much ram do you have free on your machine before you started the game?

    When did you last restart your computer?

    Do you have any antivirus on that machine?
  5. Rhythim

    Rhythim New Member

    I've restarted my entire PC many times. I actually just did a fresh wipe of the drive a few days ago.

    I always have all my RAM free when I start the game.

    I do have Avira antivirus.

    I'm suspecting it's either antivirus blocking something or something's going haywire with my ram.
  6. grandrolf

    grandrolf Popular Member Trusted User

    And how much is your total ram on the machine? :)

    Avira might be blocking - try and add to exceptions list (disable will not usually do it)

    And after that do a force update of the pack, instructions can be found here:

    Then post new log if it still fails.
    (you'll find instructions on how to get the log on that FAQ-page as well)
  7. Rhythim

    Rhythim New Member

    I'll try the avira exception thing if I can figure out how. I have 16 gigabytes of corsair vengeance top quality ram
  8. grandrolf

    grandrolf Popular Member Trusted User

    Great, when you get it working and if you have some smaller issues/lag stuff - you can try and give a bit more - don't go over 6gb and you should be fine.
  9. Rhythim

    Rhythim New Member

    I'm just giving it 4 gigs altho I did have it at 6
  10. Rhythim

    Rhythim New Member

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  11. Rhythim

    Rhythim New Member

    Wait, I spoke too soon. Minecraft worked for like 20 minutes and than went plop. and than I couldn't start it up even after refreshing the pack, restarting pc, etc. Mind helping out a bit more? If it helps I checked my PC's event viewer and there's been alot of DistributedComs errors and warnings from the disk about "An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\DR0 during a paging operation."

    I'm downloading hmw monitor to check if anything is overheating
  12. grandrolf

    grandrolf Popular Member Trusted User

    That is most likely your hard drive failing.

    You should take backups of data you have on your computer as fast as you can and then replace that drive!

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