[GAME] Cardwolf III


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Jul 29, 2019


Hey everyone, it's the game thread! Days end at 10:45pm GMT+10, first day is slightly shorter but I'll extend it if not everyone has voted. Here's the discards, and you're free to post now. Use your card PM for role actions.

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Aug 14, 2013
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Looking at this list, I kinda regret tossing the card I tossed.


Last time we cheesed the game by everyone announcing the card they tossed. We going to do that silliness again? I kinda hope not.
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Feb 10, 2013
Vote Robijnvogel

Until I get some decent reason to vote for Someone Else

If I was a wolf I'd benefit more from lynching a random villager than nobody. But sure, if you really want me to... Vote erindalc for flawed logic.
According to some people from other sites, it actually mathematically better to lynch a player on D1 than to lynch Nobody. Lynching Nobody does, as erindalc mentioned, effectively just give the mafia a free kill. Lynching a villager, of course, isn't great (but it does increase the proportion of mafia and therefore the chances of lynching one later on, for whatever that's worth), but sometimes mafia do get lynched on D1. It's happened before, and it will happen again. Furthermore, voting for players, rather than Nobody, gives much better insight on what players think of other players, which is undeniably helpful to the town.

Pyure and Vike got fed up with all the antismiting and Nobody-voting about when they and a half-dozen other FTB Werewolfers, myself included, played a game over on Mafia Universe and more or less abolished both practices. Yes, that led to Pyure getting lynched several D1s in a row.

I shall now ##Vote ljfa because he posted and he doesn't have a vote on him yet. This could easily change later, after more discussion happens.