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Jul 29, 2019
1. Forum name: TheAnswerme
2. In-Game Name: answerme
3. Age: 14
4. Country: USA
5. Have you ever been banned? Why? Once In Like 2011 I Dont Quite Remember Why, It Was In My Noobish Days Though I Think It Might Of Been For Greifing, It Was Like A House Of Crafting Tables And I Used One And They Got Mad Because It Wasnt Mine. Other Than That I Dont Remember Anymore, I Have Not Been Banned Recently In The Past 1-2 Years To My Knowledge
6. Do you understand that we won't tolerate cursing in the public chat? Yes
7. How long have you been playing a modded version (like FTB) of Minecraft? Since Early Tekkit Days (Before The Launcher Even)
8. What rule would you enforce in a whitelist server of your own and why? The No Greifing Rule Because Nobody Wants To Come Back To A Greifed House And Stolen Items.