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Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by nidico100, May 18, 2016.

  1. nidico100

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    i made a new modpack and wanted to ask, if someone could make a texture/ressource pack for the whole pack, so every item/mod is included.
    The packcode is: thenewworld
    The modlist:
    It's a technic/space modpack.
    32x or 64x doesn't matter

    Thanks and greetings,
  2. Azzanine

    Azzanine New Member

    I'll get right on it, ill get back to you in 16 months when the first draft is finally finished. Kappa!

    Fully texturing vanilla takes at least a few weeks, months if you want to do it right, even more time's needed if you want animations. Also multiply the time by the resolution you want and you have a rather long project. (32=x2, 64=x4)

    Then factor in the myriad of modded blocks, some with funky new rendering methods to learn.

    Sorry if I sound snarky there but I just want you to understand just what you are asking from texture artists here.

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  3. nidico100

    nidico100 Guest

    i didn't ask for completly new texturepack
    someone also could add missing textures to an already existing pack for example sphax
    i didn't found all the texture on sphax and so on and my skills in texturing aren't that good so maybe someone could help out
    sorry if i formulated my question not very clear, but i'm german and not that good in english

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  4. Azzanine

    Azzanine New Member

    Try soartex fanver. It's a version of the Soartex pack but there's multiple people adding to it. Still might be gaps in the textures though.

    It takes like 5-10 active passionate texture artists to maintain a texture pack for your modern modpack. And even then I have not heard of one texture pack that has 100% finished.

    Even if it's not a full texture pack you are still asking for a lot.

    When I was unemployed I decided to kill some time and make a texture pack for MindCrack. Started at vanilla and had to stop when I got to Thermal Expansion. Then minecraft changed how it handled textures so I went "fuck this". Also found a job at that point and had no time for the project.
    The texture pack wasn't that great either.

    I must say those that spend their free time texturing this game are champions.
    Even though they are usually 16x16 to say 64x64 pixels it's a lot of time and effort spent.

    Second to maybe actual modders when it comes to effort. Some modders are also keen texture artists.

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  5. nidico100

    nidico100 Guest

    i will definitely have a look on soartex fanver, thanks for this.

    most mods i'm using are very big mods, a lot of packs are using, i thought there are some texture packs out

    but i have to guess that it takes a lot of time

    i'm not good in texturing, so i didn't how long

    i'm better in modding and modpack creating, so yeah thanks for your information

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  6. UniZero

    UniZero Popular Member

    The wording did kinda look like you were requesting someone to make a texture pack for your modpack. :D
  7. sUn_cix

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  8. sUn_cix

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    wow, awesome dude! What mods have you made?

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