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Whitelist Server FTB Unleashed Whitelisted Server

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by TicklyPickly14, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. TicklyPickly14

    TicklyPickly14 New Member

    Hello guys and girls, a friend of mine is hosting a FTB Unleashed server. This will be a whitelisted server and we are accepting about 20-25 people to play! We have no mods removed, to play you need to have all mods enabled and make sure you are on FTB Unleashed version 1.1.7 (Recommended) also only the basic plugins have been added, none that will affect the gameplay.

    • No griefing, pranks are allowed (to an extent).
    • No raiding people's bases.
    • No killing without the other player agreeing,
    • Do not build nerd poles which is 1 block wide just stacking up
    • Be sure to have fun

    If you have any questions contact me on skype, 'b_sych14' (without the quotations)


    Ingame Name:


    Why you want to join:


    How well do you know this mod pack:

    Do you agree to the rules?

    Thank you for reading, I will message you on skype the server information.

    - TicklyPickly
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2014
  2. AwesomeAsianDude

    AwesomeAsianDude New Member

    Cause I want to explore the mod pack with awesome peeps
    A bit
  3. scorshua3

    scorshua3 New Member

    Ingame Name: Scorshua3

    Age: 15

    Why you want to join: cuz I is duh coolest yo

    Skype: scorshua3

    How well do you know this mod pack: I know it pretty well but not all of the way.

    Do you agree to the rules? yes
  4. minly

    minly New Member

    100% ill start learning it tomorrow
  5. bergie38

    bergie38 New Member

    I like Ftb unleashed more than any other modpack
  6. JBPreskool

    JBPreskool New Member

    I'm interested in joining because I want to try and explore modded minecraft more.
    I know little to nothing about this modpack to be honest. But i'm excited about a new learning experience.
  7. mightybantam

    mightybantam New Member

    Ingame Name: Mightybantam81


    Why you want to join: play ftb in single player already would love to play on a server


    How well do you know this mod pack: know it well enough to keep me occupied lol

    Do you agree to the rules?always
  8. TicklyPickly14

    TicklyPickly14 New Member

    Thank you for all of your Applications, You are now all accepted! :)
  9. Idunno251

    Idunno251 New Member

    Ingame Name: Idunno25


    Why you want to join: Because Bergie38 told me too.

    Skype: masoconor9

    How well do you know this mod pack:i know the field of science in the mods well. i have had past experience with modular force fields

    Do you agree to the rules? of i course i do. i am good boy :) <3
  10. tarzan1376

    tarzan1376 Active Member

    Ingame Name: Tarzan1376

    Age: 13

    Why you want to join: I loved Unleashed its my favorite modpack I wanted to play on a private server after my incident with another unleashed server v. v

    Skype: Tarzangaming

    How well do you know this mod pack: Most of everything in it. but a handful of mods I don't know.

    Do you agree to the rules? Yes
  11. WinterWizard11

    WinterWizard11 New Member

    Ign: WinterWizard11
    I know a lot of Trekkit but I'm still learning ftb I would love a server to play on a couple of hours a day
    Skype:Nick kiley85
  12. zeeck

    zeeck New Member

    Ingame Name: zeeck

    Age: 22

    Why you want to join: looking for a few people to work with and build a city that runs its self with bees!

    Skype: zeeck420

    How well do you know this mod pack: still leaning but i know some of it.

    Do you agree to the rules? Yes
  13. Le_Joueur

    Le_Joueur New Member

    Ingame Name: Le_Joueur
    Age: 48
    Why you want to join: I'm a quiet artist looking for a conspicuous place to show off some microblock builds.
    Skype: fang_langford
    How well do you know this mod pack: Until I could afford Windows 8.1, it was all I could play; ask me anything!¹
    Do you agree to the rules? Every. Single. One.

    ¹ Except where the config file is for Industrial Craft 2, gosh darn it!
  14. Nickjako606

    Nickjako606 New Member

    Ingame Name:Nickjako606


    Why you want to join:Cause im on a whitelisted vanilla server and want to play on a similar server but with this modpack


    How well do you know this mod pack:ehh. ok i guess

    Do you agree to the rules?
    yup. i've been playing with these kind of rules for a while on a vanilla server
  15. Speed IMG

    Speed IMG New Member

    Ingame Name: TehKnight117

    Age: 16

    Why you want to join: I want to play this modpack again.

    Skype: shamil1187

    How well do you know this mod pack: pretty well considering I played it when it came out

    Do you agree to the rules? Yes.
  16. Captain Benjason

    Captain Benjason New Member

    Ingame Name: Captain_Benjason

    Age: 20

    Why you want to join: I want an adventure with bees, magic, tech and good people. Always fun on these relatively new servers with small communities.

    Skype: Erdniz

    How well do you know this mod pack: I know a bit.

    Do you agree to the rules? Indeed i do
  17. Captain Benjason

    Captain Benjason New Member

    And here is my friends application, he is having some trouble with his account.

    Ingame Name: ObiwanDS

    Age: 20

    Why you want to join: My friend Captain_Benjason and I have been meaning to dive into FTB, and were looking for a small server to start out on.

    Skype: obi-wands

    How well do you know this mod pack: I'm not that knowledgeable with FTB in general, although I am familiar with a couple of the mods themselves.

    Do you agree to the rules?: Yes.
  18. cooler255

    cooler255 New Member

    Ingame Name: cooler255

    Age: 13

    Why you want to join: Well because i hate griefers. I am also wantings to play with new people but not get pranked that much.


    How well do you know this mod pack: well i played for more then 1/2 year and know a lot about the mod pack

    Do you agree to the rules? Yes i do.
  19. Duderis

    Duderis New Member

    Ingame Name: Duderis

    Age: 19

    Why you want to join: Want to build stuff and play in a good community.

    Skype: amariux20

    How well do you know this mod pack: Mainly from youtube playthroughs, played alot of other, older modpacks though.

    Do you agree to the rules? Yes.
  20. constructer105

    constructer105 New Member


    Don't worry, this is a full text but the necessary details will be put down in the summarize. I just like the way I can structurize my thoughts in full text. First of all, my name is Constructer105. I know that is not the correct English spelling but I was 18 at the time I started minecraft and my English was really bad. At the moment I am 21 years old and I live in Belgium. That, ofcourse, means that my timezone is GMT+1. Since I started university this year, things will become a bit more busy for me, but I need my daily dose of relaxation and what is better than a bit of modded minecraft for that. I've been playing modded minecraft since 1.2.5 (Remember, looking through your creative inventory for that one little item...). I have skype and it is actually the same as my In Game Name (Constructer105). I recently created an account for teamspeak but shortly after that, the server where I played Unleashed on shut down. Since then I haven't played multiplayer and I really miss it. Minecraft is not the same without multiplayer. I decided to apply for this server since I very much like the idea of a smaller server with a whitelist. Whitelist usually means less banned items and less people to destroy your stuff which means that I can go nuts. So, up to the summarizing part for me.

    IGN: Constructer105
    Age: 21
    Skype: constructer105
    A bit about myself:
    • History student
    • Loves modded minecraft and is enjoying it since 1.2.5
    • Into woodworking
    • my age is definitely an advantage in ways of patience, experience and being mature
    Why you want to join:
    I was part of a different server. A couple of months ago, they went down. Now I'm looking for a smaller server with whitelist because I hated the restrictions and the continous assault of people who just joined the server and are looking for free items. I want to play on a small scale because of the fact that on the big server, I only had interaction with so many people. It where always the same few that helped you out or where nice.

    How well do you know this mod pack:
    Unleashed is a mod pack that I know pretty well, Thaumcraft is about the only mod that I barely use. Previous realisations were: complete AE automation, computercraft security (with a little help), completely automated farms including witch and iron farm (using the golems from twilight forest).

    Do you agree to the rules? Yes i do, I can see of no reason why I should not.

    I hope to get whitelisted. If not, please tell me why so I can work on that specific problem.

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