FTB Unleashed Walls 2 map (20 min version)

Discussion in 'Third Party Maps' started by RydyrBlu, May 3, 2015.


Did you like the map? And should i keep doing this?

  1. NOPE

  2. Sure! I'll comment on which map to do next!


  4. Sorry bout ur friend keep at the maps! *Cough* THESE MAPS SUCK *Cough Cough*

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  1. RydyrBlu

    RydyrBlu New Member

    Download Link

    Hey Guys! I was looking online for some fun FTB Mini games and I decided to start making Modded maps! I am just adding modded items to the original Maps! Note: This is the 20 Min version.

    Sorry Guys not screen shots to show this time :(

    Big thanks to the Original map Maker

    Ps. Note the kits available, are for you guys to start with,

    Pps. The "Chris" Or "Ry" Kit is for my friend Ryan (His Bro is the "Chris") who recently went suicide due to depression. So I made this Map in his name and will keep doing so! So thank you guys for trying this map and hope you enjoy! But the Kits
  2. happysmash27

    happysmash27 Guest

    I sure wish there was an active server for this map.

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