FTB Unleashed looking for staff


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Just as the title says I am in need of people with plugin expirience,forum & website.

I myself am familiar with most of the plugins but not all of them(although I am trying my best to learn them one by one)

We are in need of admins,mods,helpers,builders etc.. as we plan this project to be big.As to how much big I cannot answer that as I have not peeked into the future that much but we will grow as the time passes by I am sure of it.

I am looking for mature people capable of doing various tasks which will include:
-Plugin installs
-Someone who can patch items
-And many more

But for now I am looking for staff that could suggest ideas,implement them so we can start going public.

Yes the server is not advertised yet simply beacuse I wanted to have all in check before we go public.

The server is hosted on a dedi so dont worry about that and we have been paying for it since 2001 and has never gone offline during that time(except during host migrations).

Any other questions or if you are interested add me on skype and we can talk.

Skype: g6line