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How do I create a texture pack for FTB ULTIMATE?


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  1. tyleranishida67

    tyleranishida67 New Member

    Does any one know how to access and modify the FTB textures?
  2. Succubism

    Succubism New Member

    First of all we'd appreciate if you didn't use block capitals in your OP subject. It's obnoxious.
    Second, your poll is both unwarranted, unneeded, unhelpful to your question and confusing. Please don't misuse the poll.
    Third and most importantly, read the guidelines and rules of the subforum and the forum it belongs to before posting.

    Now to the point.
    Assuming you wish to modify the vanilla textures of the mods included in the FTB pack - You can't modify them persay. You can only apply a texture pack that loads your own textures in their place.
    At least that's the simpler way.

    To do that on Ultimate, you need only click the Texture Pack option on your menu then click the Open Texture Pack folder button. This'll take you to where you can place your own texture packs which can be downloaded from this subforum or from the FTB launcher itself under the Texture Pack tab.

    You will be given a zip folder. Place this in your opened folder.
    You may unzip it too in that folder and load the texture pack from that unzipped folder too, unzipping the file will make it easier to modify your textures, you need only go into the texturepack's folder and look for the png file you wish to edit, then do so.

    Google it. It's not gonna hurt you.

    EDIT: Should you really want to have the vanilla textures but edit one or two of those textures, again, google it. I'm sure someone has a base ultimate texture pack layout lying around somewhere.
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