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Open Server FTB Ultimate Server Valtome

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by AlphaZeruMC, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. AlphaZeruMC

    AlphaZeruMC New Member

    Rules: The basics:
    • No griefing
    • No Cheating
    • No stealing
    • No asking for op (I will op you if i believe you deserve it, if thats abused you will be de-opped and banned for a week)
    • Keep mature language to a min
    • PVP allowed but it needs to be agreed on with the other player
    Aside from all that there are no restrictions. Hope to see you there and have fun!
    Server IP: 20 players max Server ends at 11 PM every night
  2. GunnerWolf

    GunnerWolf New Member

    It's very unlikely people will want to play on a server that closes every night, plus if it isn't 24/7 you should state the following: Opening time, Closing time, Timezone

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