Solved FTB ultimate reloaded AE2 problems

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by philip83, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. philip83

    philip83 Guest

    i am having issues with AE2 in ftb ultimate reloaded, My ae system keeps turning off and on and has been since i exceeded what would have been the 8 channel limit. it was bearable in the beginning but once i added auto-crafting and a few machines to it it became unbearable. If it goes 5 seconds without flickering I'm lucky. Since controllers are removed is there anyway to get around this or fix it?

    Before anyone asks i made sure to go to the extremes with power just to make sure it wasnt that, hooked it up to 2 dedicated ultimate solars.
  2. philip83

    philip83 Guest

    Figured out a solution, the system couldn't handle all the active components because the energy acceptor couldn't hold enough energy. A dense energy cell solved all my problems.

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