Ftb Ultimate Challenge

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which ftb pack is your favorite (you can pick up to 3)

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Feed the beast 122

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Jul 29, 2019
So this may or may not have all ready been posted but i have seen something similar done with another pack but if any of you remember the pack "ftb ultimate" and all the mods that it had. well im thinking of going back and playing it but before i do i want you guys to make me a challenge list to complete while playing. (these challenges have to use the mods available no challenges that requires the adding of a mod to the pack)


If you are still keen on doing this challenge i have a few ideas that you may like to purse
*Learn Lua for computercraft (If you have not already)
*Automate the startup/shutdown of a fusion reactor with computercraft
*Breed every species of bee
*Collect every piece of armour
*Build your base within 2x2 chunks
*Dont pump any lava from the nether
*Fill a DSU with cobblestone
*Only eat one specific food
*Dont use armour
*Use a RedPower sorting system instead of AE
*Use tesseracts instead of Enderchests (or vice versa)

Most of these are fairly late game and none of those are intended to be done togther, just some ideas :D

Edit: A few more that i like to try:
*Only build one base, you can upgrade/renovate/destroy and rebuild but once you have that spot, you cant move.
*Live solely underground

And if you don't already, play on hard.