Problem FTB Skies -stuck loading

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Jul 29, 2019
I just installed FTB Skies, and it starts loading and gets to the same place and just hangs Here is the Log if any has any ideas what's happening.

snippet of last few lines:

[04Apr2023 19:31:27.411] [pool-20-thread-1/ERROR] [net.creeperhost.minetogetherconnect.LibraryHacks/]: Connect timed out
[04Apr2023 19:31:29.643] [FTB Backups Config Watcher 0/INFO] [net.creeperhost.ftbbackups.FTBBackups/]: Config at F:\Minecraft\FeedTheBeast\5697ad19-fee1-4b97-8b21-a33a38e309c3\config\ftbbackups2.json has changed, reloaded!
[04Apr2023 19:31:32.413] [pool-20-thread-1/INFO] [net.creeperhost.minetogether.connect.ConnectHandler/]: MineTogether Connect not enabled: Unknown

I tried removing MineTogether, but it didn't make a difference


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