Problem FTB Revelations server keeps crashing.

Discussion in 'FTB Revelation' started by coolxlfc289, Dec 30, 2019.

  1. coolxlfc289

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    Hello all!

    My FTB Revelations server has crashed a couple of times and I don't know enough to understand what is going wrong. So I've attached the crash log so that hopefully someone can help me with this. If anyone has any ideas on how to solve the problem please let me know.

    It's running on a windows based server, has about 8GB RAM assigned to it, no clue on the rest of the specs sadly.

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  2. grandrolf

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    You only have 2 gb allocated to the Minecraft Server, give more 4-6gb and try again.

    You could also try and find out if this server is running no a mechanic drive or a SSD - if a mechanic - see if that can be changed to a SSD, for better performance.

    post new log if you still have isssues - and use and share the link to the log.

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