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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by larspeterras, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. larspeterras

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    Hi, just started playing this new mod, but im havining trouble finding a block that convert power from RF to EU, and other power types.

    Any Surgestions?
  2. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    That’s really not a thing anymore.

    Forestry (if it’s in Revelation) MAY still have the Electrical Engine which converts EU to MJ; MJ might still interconvert with RF, I’m not sure.

    Otherwise you’re probably looking at secondary fuels; so for example turning RF into lava (using a magma crucible and an igneous extruder producing cobblestone to go in the crucible) and then lava into EU.
  3. mathwiz617

    mathwiz617 Well-Known Member

    AFAIK, there's no straight conversion for RF -> EU. Lava, though possible, is incredibly lossy.

    What I did was get far enough using standard IC2 generators to make a macerator and a semi-fluid generator. Then, on the RF side, a carrot farm (garden cloches work well, or you can use phytogenic insolators from Thermal Expansion), an alchemical imbuer, and several fractionating stills. The process goes...

    RF + regular phytogro -> carrots (Insolator, using a monoculture cycle specialization augment, also uses water)
    Carrots -> biochaff (macerator)
    Bio chaff -> biomass (alchemical imbuer, add water)
    Biomass -> biogas (fractionating stills)
    Biogas -> EU (semi-fluid generator)

    This produces an insane amount of biogas, so I worked out the rough numbers for late-game EU generation using this method. This assumes all TE machines are resonant, with the maximum amount of auxiliary reception coils.

    1 Insolator supports two macerators, each with 6 overclocker upgrades
    Those macerators support 1 imbuer.
    That supports 20 stills.
    Those can fill, if my math is right, 1160 semi-fluid generators.
    That'll produce an insane 18k EU/t for a measly 12k RF/t.

    Need more RF and less EU (YES)? Feed some of the biogas and water into compression dynamos, and reduce the number of semi-fluids.

    Of course, these numbers are old and may have been rebalanced. Also, the two-minute MFSU charge time comes at the cost of an absolutely massive amount of iron. Some tin, too, but mostly iron.
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  4. Tylor

    Tylor Well-Known Member

    NuclearCraft devices can output EU. You just need something that can accept that at big enough voltage.
  5. SolManX

    SolManX New Member

    Is 'advanced generators' in the pack? It doesn't have a converter, but the gas/steam turbines can output various levels of EU (as well as RF of course).

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