Solved FTB Revelations crashes when loading

Discussion in 'FTB Revelation' started by dipndawtz, Aug 13, 2018.

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    Summary of the problem FTB Revelations crashes when loading

    Pack Version 2.3.0

    What is the bug? When trying to load FTB Revelations (through twitch launcher, legacy launcher, or multi MC) it gets to about 4/7 on the loading bar and then crashes. This is a brand new PC with plenty of memory to run the pack. Regular minecraft can load without problems.

    Mod & Version

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? yes every time no matter what launcher we use.

    Known Fix
  2. dipndawtz

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    if anyone else has this issue, mine was fixed by downgrading my nvidia drivers. apparently the most recent one was bad and causing crashes.

    EDIT: also turning off the splash screen loader in config/
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    well, Ur log has no java errors:
    But updating drivers not always help:
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    this is my crash report

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