FTB Newsletter January 2016

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    Welcome to the Official FTB Newsletter. In today's issue, we have information about two new FTB team members, our upcoming event at PAX South, and some details about FTB and third-party packs. We'd also like to spotlight two mods as well as some new Youtube content featuring the Unstable pack. Finally, we're announcing the new FTB Build Competition.

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  2. Fortanono

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    A few questions about the contest:
    1. Do the submitted builds have to be in Survival?
    2. What would you rather have? Contraptions or aesthetic builds?
    3. Can I submit an imgur album, or is there only 1 image I can take?
    4. What modpack do I have to use?
  3. Rajecent

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    A1. Builds do not have to be in survival, we would love to showcase any type of wonderful Minecraft builds: tech , creative, it does not matter.
    A2. Either is perfectly fine. Just looking for some creativity.
    A3. imgur album would be fine, as long as it is for a single build.
    A4. Of course an FTB pack would be preferred, but certainly is not required for the contest.
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    I like the newsletter idea, it looks good and is informative.

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