FTB News - September 4th, 2015


Big Bad

PAX Prime 2015 Wrap-Up:


This past weekend saw Seattle take on the Beast with the PAX Prime 2015 FTB Tournament, the latest entry in our continued presence at PAX PC events. On Saturday, roughly 100 players decided to brave the elements and take part in the first episode, titled The Sentencing, of our ongoing challenge map series FTB Trials.

Using logic, quick-thinking, and even quicker keystrokes, participants were tasked with navigating a series of puzzles and accomplishing physical feats in order to escape an isolated island prison. Each player was also linked to a timer; escaping lockup was just one part of the challenge. How quickly a user could complete the objectives dictated their rankings within the tournament. The fastest times reaped more rewards.


Over the course of two hours, contestants maneuvered their way through the map, eager to secure faster times and thus top slots. High-end gaming peripherals like Audio-Technica gaming headsets and Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum keyboards were on the line. Those who completed the challenge often opted for another go and a chance to refine their runs.

In the end, a handful of challengers were able to secure sub 12-minute runs. Of those, three players grabbed the top spots of the event, some even my mere seconds: imhAlt, ilovebobbi, and MrEnvelope snagged first, second, and third places, respectively. Once again, congratulations!


We also made sure no one walked away empty-handed. Even outside the top echelons of the leaderboard, all participants, regardless of rank, were gifted exclusive Feed The Beast PAX t-shirts, Curse memorabilia, and vouchers for free subscriptions to Curse Premium.

We would like to thank our gracious partners Curse for sponsorship and prizing, community members Hiyori, Zeldo, and MrFlamegoat for set-up and assistance, Aaron Frinzell for the stunning photography, and the entire PAX event staff for helping make this event as enjoyable and tightly-run as possible. Thank you all!
PAX Prime 2015 Merchandise:


Trials: Episode 1 Online Challenge:

Though PAX Prime may be over, the challenge continues! FTB will be hosting an online version of the Trials competition.

Starting immediately, players can download an updated copy of Episode 1 from the FTB Launcher and Curse Voice. Those who wish to participate in the event can record a video of themselves completing the challenges, upload it to YouTube, and submit it to the Competition Thread that will be opening up later today.

The map can be completed as many times as the user wants and multiple submissions are allowed. The competition will run from now until October 1st at 11:59PM PST. Individuals with the fastest legitimate times will be awarded prizes provided by Curse.

Get playing, competitors!​


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Jul 29, 2019
Any news on updating third party packs. Its 9/5 and some of my pack have yet to update.