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    ...Is not actually full of news this week! Surprise!

    Player Survey:

    Feed The Beast would be greatly appreciative if our players could fill out this short survey on how we're doing and what we can improve on. In order to keep the group running in tip-top shape, we occasionally like to gather data on user experiences. Our download analytics and web traffic can't tell us everything, you know.

    So if you have a moment or two, please consider filling out questionnaire linked below. Thank you, folks!


    See you next week!
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  2. sgbros1

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    Umm yeah...

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  3. Big Bad

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  4. ICountFrom0

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    *sets up soapbox*

    I'm pimping for a write in answer of "FTB classic pyramid" under pack types.

    Don't mind me.

    (Also pimping for WRENCHED, as a pack on the client and a show... )
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  5. Stroam

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    Survey's are nice.
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  6. Fortanono

    Fortanono Well-Known Member

    Focus more on mods that don't get enough respect. Horizons does this, but it's mostly tech and magic (which makes sense, but still). BoP alternatives, TiCon alternatives, all that stuff (I know of RWG, but maybe also try Enhanced Biomes? Highlands?) And don't do it just for Horizons. Spotlight mods through your major packs. You can keep the same core of the Thermal series, Thaumcraft, etc. while replacing stuff like BoP and Harvestcraft with stuff like Enhanced Biomes and other food mods that don't add as many crops (like Still Hungry, LotsOFood). Ya know, stuff like that.
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  7. Adagiovibe

    Adagiovibe New Member

    How would that work out with servers?
  8. Fortanono

    Fortanono Well-Known Member

    What do you mean? I never said to update Infinity like this, but maybe have new packs. I guess that we can't really do this right now, since Infinity is the generic "Kitchen Sink" pack, but I would like to see some change in future packs that don't necessarily have to be kitchen sink packs.
  9. BrickVoid

    BrickVoid Well-Known Member

    I don't fill out feedback forms but have some to give your modpack developers:

    1. Focus on improving the overall quality of content in your modpack. By this I mean if there is a ton of useless-looking items in your modpack I can't craft with or refine into something I can use, I don't know why I'm looking at the item. Half of the time I look for something I need, along the way, I spot something I haven't seen before, and I go, what can that do for me? I end up spending half the time trying to figure out if something I've noticed is actually useful to me, because there's either a lack of in-game recipes or information on that item, and I have to stop and Google it to find out if it's worth bothering with.

    2. Power usage or conversion information: A lot of the time I want to know if a particular fluid or fuel will work in a particular engine or dynamo or whatever I've got the resources for. Most of the time I can't find specific information relating to whether the fuel or fluid in question is usable in a particular engine. 1.6.4 mods used to show you exactly what engines a particular mod's fuel could be used in. Now I have to go track this down via Google, again, making me stop and waste time I could use to develop my base.

    3. World-generated items that have no apparent use but clutter up my inventory anyway: For instance, there is quicksand from Biomes'o'plenty, I usually spend time digging myself out of this, therefore I always have shovels on hand to dig my way out whenever I jump over a hill that's hiding some of this on the other side. From what I understand of the real-life quicksand, it's just a lot of sand with considerable depth and saturated with water. Why can I not cook the quicksand in a furnace to make ordinary sand, and thus, make it into something usable early-game? There's tons of items from Biomes'o'plenty alone that fit into this category, they have no apparent use except to take up inventory space, and there is no recipe they can be used in. Whilst I appreciate that some of it may be eye candy, a lot of it isn't even generated as such.

    4. Oredictionary and items that could be used as substitutes: I play FTB Infinity 1.7.10 a lot since the stable release came out, and I find I need substitutions for common items a lot of the time. For instance, I could make pistons with certain metals, and that's nice, but a lot of the time the balance of the substitutions seems quirky or doesn't take advantage of items you're likely to craft. For instance, copper from some mods not substituting properly across the board, or requiring a crafting method that relies on something that can't be crafted by the player. Forestry's bronze is a prime example: The only way to get Forestry's bronze should be to craft it with ingots found in worldgen, but that has been oredictionaried to yield other mod's bronze and apparently overwrote the forestry recipe without caring that bronze Forestry axes have 500 durability.

    Those are some main points that spring immediately to mind, there are a lot more, but mostly I'd like to see useless item clutter reduced or made recyclable, and general improvements across most modpacks to recipe tweaks so that they're a lot more consistent and don't accidentally overwrite useful recipes.

    Cheers ...

  10. Fortanono

    Fortanono Well-Known Member

    Quicksand... The bane of my life. Made me unable to continue playing a server when I just started by simply making me fall in and the anti-grief plugins got to me. :p
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  11. Pudding01

    Pudding01 New Member

    Maybe also be able to craft QuickSand with sand and a water bucket? Just an idea...

    Yeah, OreDictionary: BRILLIANT IDEA... Not the greatest implementation (Don't get me wrong, it's great, Whatever logic behind the substitutions could use a bit of work sometimes...)
  12. Padfoote

    Padfoote Brick Thrower Team Member Forum Moderator

    Blame Forge / certain mods. That whole system is based on whatever mod registers the item first IIRC, which causes issues when mods don't pull from the ore dict. and just use their own version.
  13. CoolSquid

    CoolSquid New Member

    Am I supposed to be able to edit the spreadsheet? Seems like anyone can do so.
  14. WizarDemon

    WizarDemon New Member

    um.... where is the link?

    anyhoo...so far i love the entire FTB sysytem. i just hope that someone in the FTB team can make a tip and trick video for all the new modpacks, as i just SUCK at some mods and the only way i can improve is if i have some tips and tricks from someone i can rely on. usually its direwolf20, but as everyone knows, he only plays Forgecraft and direwolf20 pack, with sometimes agrarian skies, or some HQM Modpack. I do hope he will start playing other modpacks, but... i dont think thats going to happen.

    I dont need a tips or tricks for all modpacks, but i think there should be a guide book in each modpacks, that you dont start with, but can either creatively spawn it in, or craft it in case they get stuck.

    I also love the HQM system. plz make more modpacks with this system in it, as i noticed FTB havent been making these types in a while, with i think mage quest being the last one.

    Edit:just realised this isnt my actual account. whoops
  15. this is my real account

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