FTB News - July 24th, 2015


Big Bad

Will this week's news look suspiciously like last week's news? You betcha!

New Changelog Hub:

Mod of the Month Selected:

The wait is almost over! MoTM - Botania is set to upload and launch this weekend. Keep your eyes open and gardens pruned!

And speaking of progress: the featured mod has been decided! With 16.8% of the vote, Aura Cascade is FTB's Mod of the Month for July/Summer! Congratulations! Over the next few weeks, we'll be developing new pack that features and highlights Aura Cascade!​

BlockJam This Weekend:

Feed The Beast will be participating in the BlockJam charity event for Child’s Play on the 25th and 26th. FTB Founder slowpoke101 and Lead Modpack Developer tfox83 will be representing the team as two of BlockJam’s special guests and panelists. Joining them this weekend will be Head of Launcher Dev progwml6, Pack Dev gideonseymour, Third Party Pack Admin watchful1, and Marketing and Visual Designer BigBadChris. The team will be participating in panels, meetups, and AFTER | PARTY.

You can read up more on BlockJam (and grab yourself a weekend pass by donating!) on their website located here.​

Motion Artist Wanted:

Feed The Beast is currently looking for a motion graphics artist to help on various projects such as pack trailers, stream intros/outros, and other smaller tasks. This is a volunteer position that will be working closely with the marketing and visual design teams. Experience with video production software such as Adobe Premiere and/or Sony Vegas is required; familiarity with Adobe After Effects and Cinema4D is a plus.

If you are interested, please send a link to your portfolio to the email address media AT feed-the-beast.com

FTB Town Hall - July 2015

It's that time again! Feed The Beast will be running our monthly Town Hall next week on Friday July 31st at 3:00PM EST. We'll be covering the general state of the group as well as discussing upcoming goals, elaborating on future projects, taking questions from the public, and maybe even shoving in a secret reveal or two.

Since we had a huge amount of participation on social media last time, we've ditched the Twitter tag and adopted a new system for submitting questions. We've set up our brand new Official Feed The Beast ask.FM account. If you've got a question for us that you want us to answer on stream, follow that link and send it our way!​


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Jul 29, 2019
very nice, cant wait for the town hall and Mod of the month pack. Maybe i will learn botania... instead of just make the rings and moving on to another mod.