FTB News - August 21st, 2015


Big Bad

Pack Updates:

Again, got a couple quick pack updates this week. Two packs received brand-spanking-new betas- Trident 1.4.0 and Lite 3 1.4.0. are now available on the FTB Launcher. Like always, you can read up on our changelogs over on our website here.​

Pax Prime:

August 29th, 3:00PM. Seattle, Washington.

FTB on Vacation:

Just wanted to give everyone a head's up that Feed The Beast will be taking a small break for the next two weeks. The reason, you ask? We'll all be traveling! Between doing the convention circuit at PAX and personal trips, pretty much the entire FTB Core team will be out of office. Busy busy busy!

Aside from emergency hotfixes, all of our packs will be temporarily frozen until we return on September 4th. See you then!

Smug Apple

New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Will we get some kind of summary/recap of the town hall last month. I kinda don't want to have to watch the entire recording to see if anything of particular interest to me was said/announced.