Open Server FTB monster anarchy

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Jul 29, 2019

FTB monster version 1.1.1
minecraft version 1.6.4

yes anarchy
yes raiding
yes griefing
yes PVP
no factions
no protection commands of any kind
link modifiers available at spawn
server auto restarts scheduled every 6 hours

a limited selection of band items, including

ancient staff/the promised land (for performance issues)
mystcraft ages/book binder and writing desk (for performance issues)
generation of any new rainbow biomes (caused crashes)
private strong boxes (not within the spirit of anarchy)

frequently asked questions:

why are private strong boxes banned and not personal safes?
lack of skill, we simply dont know how

why cant i connect?
i dont know

why am i hard?
if its not broken dont fix it

why am i lagging?
why are you trying to play minecraft from the moon?

if you have further questions: [email protected]