FTB Lite 3 Server Issue

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Title FTB Lite 3 Server Issue

Launcher Type FTB Launcher

Modpack FTB Lite 3

Modpack version 1.7.10

Have you modified the pack? Yes

Link to log file https://paste.feed-the-beast.com/view/c0105f97

Details of the issue I had downloaded the FTB Lite 3 (v.1.5.0) modpack on the FTB launcher so I could build on it. The modpack works fine on singleplayer but once I had downloaded the server everything started to go wrong.
First, I Tried just running everything like I usually would, and the server worked, but the mods that I had added onto the modpack weren't on the server, So then i went to the modpack and copied all the mods from their and pasted it into the server mod folder. That also didn't work as when I launched the ServerStart.bat It gave me a long list of things I didn't understand and told me to press any key to continue.
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the server.
I then pasted the mods from the modpack into the server mods folder, aswell as all the configs for those mods, yet again it didn't work.
I tried looking up the error message and searched the forums for about an hour and found no solutions.
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