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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by MrSphex, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. MrSphex

    MrSphex Member

    Okay, I forget if this was already made...I feel like it has but I haven't seen like a thread was made for this yet (Well unless I'm blind).
    So I had a few question about the launcher in terms of the abilities of it. Starting with there will be a Feed the Beast launcher for minecraft correct?
    Second; How often do you (the devs of FTB) believe it will check for updates for mods? Every so often or every time the launcher is accessed?
    And Third; I heard that it will have the ability to disable mods and such. How do you predict this will be like? Using a launcheresque window, would you select and option along the lines of "Mod Selection" and have the ability to disable mods with lets say, a checkmark next to the mod name?
    And even though these will be answered when the whole site, launcher, and mods are complete, I was just a bit curious right now.

    And if there isn't a questionnaire type thread for the launcher, please do NOT make another one and use this thread to ask devs about anything that has to do with the launcher.
  2. jeff9219

    jeff9219 New Member

    plus will said Launcher be Open Source?
    And will it have a Credit Screen?
    Any "Effects" Planned? Music/Animation?

    jst my usesless wonderings :)
  3. Forkk13

    Forkk13 Active Member

    In the future, when asking a long list of questions, please use some form of numbered list or something. :)

    1. Yes, of course there will be a launcher.
    2. It will check for updates every time you log in.
    3. Initially, you will probably not be able to enable mods. That will probably come in a future version of the launcher. For now, we just want to get this thing functional. Then we'll start putting in some more advanced stuff. When we do add the option, I'd imagine it would be some sort of list with checkboxes for each mod.
  4. Forkk13

    Forkk13 Active Member

    1. It is open source
    2. Maybe...
    3. No, that would be silly and annoying...
  5. justvintage

    justvintage Member

    so spoon is there going to be functionality for iburn to smack you through the launcher
  6. Forkk13

    Forkk13 Active Member

  7. MrSphex

    MrSphex Member

    Hurray! Knifes going to get smacked by iburn while iburn eats his cookies :D
  8. buzyb77

    buzyb77 Member

    I would use some form of simple splash screen like they do with texture packs so people who watch youtubers or twitchers etc that they see at least in some form or another what the mod pack is even if it is just "The coders and compilers of Feed the Beast thank you for choosing FTB mod pack and we thank the moders for allowing and helping us put it all together." And have your a picture behind it that changes with each version.
  9. jordmanbob

    jordmanbob Member

    They should have all the devs singing a song.
  10. adib

    adib Member

    no just no.

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