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Discussion in 'Launcher Feedback' started by Kohvert, Mar 19, 2013.


Do you like the look of this Launcher Design? If no, please explain below.

  1. Yes, I love it!

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  2. It's Okay.

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  3. Nah, I Prefer the current one.

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  1. Kohvert

    Kohvert New Member

    Hello there FTB Community.

    The other day I was bored, looking at the FTB Launcher and just thinking of all the things that kind of bug me or just things I would change about it. I started to create a new design in Photoshop and was told that you were actually looking for new design ideas, which gave me motivation to continue.

    I have no idea how to code or if half of this stuff is ever possible but after all it is a concept, not a "I want this now, exactly as is."

    Unselected Modpack.jpg ModPack - FTB Ultimate.jpg Hovering Over Soartex.jpg

    I really hope you like my ideas and if you don't then please let me know in the comments. I will also answer any questions you have the on design.

    EDIT: I will also work on the other tabs for the launcher if you are interested in seeing them as well.

    Thanks for your time
  2. AliveGhost

    AliveGhost Well-Known Member

    I'll tell you what, that looks awesome :D What would also be cool would to place the launch button in the middle of the centre bar, so it looks somewhat powerful.
    Otherwise, really nice!
  3. Tsukasa

    Tsukasa New Member

    Looks a bit cluttered! Try having the maps and texture packs in a different tab instead of having then all in one screen?
  4. AshleyCraft

    AshleyCraft New Member

    i really like it :)
    can you do the other tabs too. the news one could have a "ticker" at the side that has all the article titles in and, when clicked, the article opens op, taking up most of the window
  5. jjw123

    jjw123 Well-Known Member Retired Staff

    i really like this design, well done, i may take aspects from this into account when we FINALLY come up with the design
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