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Whitelist Server FTB Lah! A Singapore Based FTB Server. [Infinity 1.4.1]

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by IamFeeK, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. Buffagenik

    Buffagenik New Member

    I'm late to the party. Is the server still alive? I'm an indonesian and currently wanting to play on a SEA server !
  2. Nick Cdrw

    Nick Cdrw New Member

    Hey bro, PM me if u need assistant on server technical admin. i can even upgrade ur program to tekkit/bukkit system with mcpc+ and jump to latest Infinity 1.8.1.
  3. stentninja

    stentninja New Member

    IGN stentninja
    Location Australia
    Interested lv 7 (more if I get good ping to the server WAY more)
    My comment being hard for me to find a server with friendly good ping and active community

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  4. IGN: Assault_Lemon
    Location: Malaysia
    Interest Level(1 - 10): 7
    Short comment: I feel like playing complex modpacks such as this one is just more fun in MP. It's easier to attain end-game goals as a group as well.

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