FTB keeps crashing and corrupting worlds.


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Hey everyone. I was wondering whether anyone can help me with a problem I'm having with the FTB - DireWolf20 pack.
Every world I make, after a few days of working on it, it will start crashing (By crashing I mean just closing the game and the console), and eventually the world will not show up in the "load" screen anymore. I have no idea why it's crashing, and it's starting to really get on my nerves! I have tried doing a force update, and deleting direwolf20 from my computer and redownloading, but that hasn't helped.

I have posted a pastebin of my last crashlog, which caused a world corruption, and was wondering whether anyone could help me find out what's causing the crashes, because I have no idea what to look for!


Thanks in advance for your help :)