FTB Interactions = TURD

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by maddyn99, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. maddyn99

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    Spent the better part of 10/12 hours on this pack and I really cant believe that this is a released finished product.

    • Void - Meh its OK but its a forced grind. Stupid little things like EMC re-setting every time you leave is annoying consider its based on EMC or at least the early game is.
    • Early questing is stifled with blocks and grind points just to rack up play time. A perfect example is the philo stone quest.
    • Simple things that need explaining dont...Graves are a PITA in this pack. I spent the better part of 20 minutes trying to figure out how to loot my first grave in the overworld. Theres a player head and map marker that you can both click on that does nothing except change inv forcing. Ive played MC for the better part of 10 years and never run across this particular mod and I can see why. It sucks.
    • Over and over its just a million little things that you have to spend ton of time researching because the mod forces you play different than you usually do, but doesn't explain WHY or HOW.
    • One of two final straws: Ingot formation. JEI shows it blocked behind botania but no way to do botania before ingots. Turns out you can get gold and make an ingot blank but there is absolutely not way to know that from the in game documentation. Gold....yeah another PITA. Gold is hidden in the Magnetite vein formation. Great job on the description here. Would it be that hard to add GOLD to the label instead of having to search google, youtube and finally having to ask on the forum.....Just f;ing stupid.
    • Last straw: Tinkers / Smeltary. Why of all things that are holy would you put this in the pack and then DISABLE the smeltary? This is what tinkers is, not porcelain melters. You gutted a great mod and then made it totally unclear that the smeltary does not work.....I get that the smeltary controller is disabled but its not clear that the smeltary still doesnt work using the seared furnace controller. 2 hours wasted putting in grout in the stupid kiln and hunting down copper to find out the smeltary doesnt work.
    • Im sure the fan bois will be out in full force, but theres a reason that this pack isnt overwhelming the servers out there. SF4 wasnt great but its a ton better than this forced grind with lacking documentation.
  2. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Shame you couldn't frame this in a positive way to encourage discussion. The devs for this pack are absolutely brilliant (and their hands are tied in ways you cannot imagine)

    I've heard nothing but good things about the pack personally. If everyone but you likes it, is everyone but you merely a fanboy? Curious.

    Good luck with your next modpack sir.
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  3. Braxbro

    Braxbro New Member

    What? Did you not literally automate everything you could? Also, the EMC bug can be fixed by unlearning and then relearning an item. Takes two seconds and a cobblestone.

    Again, what? The Philo stone is stupidly easy to make.

    If it's that mod with the graves you crouch on to recover, yeah, that was a bad choice.

    You realize the guidebooks for each mod exist ingame right, and can be accessed by chiseling your quest book?

    Uh, I knew how to make ingot casts literally the moment I looked it up in JEI; what are you talking about?!?! JEI literally tells you to chisel a blank cast, and that a blank cast can be made as normal. Secondly, you didn't actually CHECK the vein listings in the questbook? Also, it says: "Spawns in all biomes, but jungle veins have higher concentrations of gold." That implies that gold spawns in these.

    Maybe because they wanted the tinker tools and other tinker's multiblocks but not the smeltery? Also, of course the smeltery don't work with the seared furnace controller, idiot. It's a seared furnace controller, not a smeltery controller. Also, it seems like you again, didn't automate a thing. (Also, pure daisies, which are cheap AF, turn 1 grout into 1 seared stone, which can be broken down into 4 bricks, so...)

    by the fact you ranted about this and then capslocked that statement, it makes me think you're some kid that thinks he's some Minecraft modpack god, when all you've played are kitchen sink packs. Or you just don't want to have to do any reading in on a completely new pack. I agree, the documentation on some things could be better.

    SF4 was dry and had nothing to it. the SkyFactory packs have been declining in quality since SF2. This pack actually requires thought.

    Sorry for responding so harshly, but it seems like you didn't ever "get into" the pack and instead ragequit when it got "too hard" for your playstyle and griped here.
  4. Reddis

    Reddis New Member

    To put it as bluntly as you did, the problem with Interactions is you, not the pack. Interactions was a fantastically crafted pack that caters to a specific playerbase. I will even go so far as to admit that player base is incredibly small. If a Gregtech based pack is not to your liking, I also recommend you avoid all mods by Reika.

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