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Discussion in 'Modpack Bugs' started by HackMan37, Mar 13, 2020.

  1. HackMan37

    HackMan37 New Member

    Hi, i just play this pack without any change on the settings, but i'm not able to find any tin ore, i walk like 2k blocks away with the scanner and looking for mountains, i decide to search it with the creative mode, 8k blocks away, but the same, i didn't find it, i try to see if the "quartz veins" they're tin, but no.
  2. Daxternator

    Daxternator New Member

    I'm not realy sure (still on the void island aside from creative testing the overworld) but there are many ores
    with names with which I have no Idea what they are (right now). Maybe Tin get just another name or you need to craft (maybe the generation is disabled) it from others. Maybe searching Tin in JEI would do the thing. (yeah i know this is
    a solution that you've probably come up with yourself, but sometimes you don't notice the most obvious things (like when searching a pen which is behind your ear or your phone which is in the other pocket)
  3. HackMan37

    HackMan37 New Member

    That's good, but it's not my solution, the tin it's supposed to be able that you can find it, in the quest book show you a flower that notice you that below are ores, in this case, tin.

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