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Discussion in 'Third Party Maps' started by rationalOgre, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. rationalOgre

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    Sorry but I couldn't seem to find the answer anywhere else and I've been searching a good bit. At the beginning of Way of Flowing Time's FTB Insanity playthrough he mentions that he spoke with slowpoke and found that several methods of emc generation are considered "forbidden" or at least "not legit". Two he mentions are the Flax Capacitor and the Darkroom. I was wondering if there was a list somewhere of "forbidden" emc generation techniques as I'd like to play through the map the first time doing it "legit" if you will. I went through most of the thread on the Minecraft Forums and have searched on here extensively using every keyword I could think of and have found no such list. So, does anyone know the list of "Forbidden" emc generation techniques so that I can avoid them? Thanks much!
  2. Shalen

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    I don't think this list exist. However, I think you should avoid those type of EMC generator that produces a lot in a very short time (examples: dark room, milk buckets + cows, mushrooms stew + mushroom cows etc).
  3. rationalOgre

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    See, that's confusing, because in Way's speed run he uses a milk gen system and says specifically early on that slowpoke said milk gen was considered acceptable. Thanks for your input. :)
  4. Celestialphoenix

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    Watch Dire's LP of the map with Slow and Co. - they use darkrooms and mooshroom-juicers. (So I guess its ok)

    As far as I know, forbidden ones are the ones that take advantage of recipe differences -like macerating bones/blaze rods and condensing the dust.

    If you dont want anything that seems like gimmicky/cheating- build lots of pumpkin farms, and a mob grinder in the nether for pigzombie gold.
  5. Shalen

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    Yes, problably you're right, but the darkroom isn't in this category. :D
  6. TomeWyrm

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    Sorry for the horrible thread necro, but I found it on a related Google search, so I figure the info might as well be placed here for future searchers.

    The basics of the "forbidden" EMC generators are those that abuse exploits and/or are very low effort for disproportionately high reward. The Flax Capacitor is too easy to automate for the frankly absurd EMC it generates (you have no need to replant the crop, and flax is one of the more dense EMC crops even if you only break a single block). The Dark Room takes advantage of something that was fixed as a bug in later versions of MC (Fairly soon after 1.2 from what I recall). If you try in a modern version of MC (even 1.6.4, let alone 1.7.10) bonemeal won't grow grass/flowers in pitch dark. The milk/stew generators have gone back and forth... it's more a commentary on Xeno's choice of values for the fluids milk and mushroom stew and just how relatively high they are for the speed and ease at which you can generate them. Personally seeing as how there STILL isn't a cooldown on milking cows and mooshrooms? I *personally* say this one is legit. Not official stance in any way. Cross mod interaction exploits like macerating blaze rods should obviously also be forbidden, as should item duplication glitches (there was one insane EMC generator that duplicated powered rails... it scared me).

    It should be possible to create something similar to the flax capacitor with more blocks/space using normal crops. Block Breaker and Deployer (I'm a bit ashamed at how long it took me to come up with that, I actually had to go find a list of the RP2 machines to remember which block it was :-( It's been a while since I've played with RP2) which would be legit. A deployer for seeds, a deployer for bonemeal, and a block breaker to break. There should be enough sides left for redstone control and item transport.

    But honestly? Just use a highly efficient mob tower with auto-kill drop trap. It's 100% legit (anyone that says otherwise is being a complete and utter derp. It's 100% vanilla mechanics, or well would be if a decent item transport (hoppers) had existed back in 1.2.5).

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