Bug FTB Infinity server time out

Discussion in 'Modpack Bugs' started by Dijkstar, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. Dijkstar

    Dijkstar New Member

    I have downloaded the ftb infinity server and client they both work but not together, when me or my sister try to connect to the sever we get a timed out after about 5 seconds.

    Mod pack version 2.2.2

    Both the server and the clients are running same version of infinity and Minecrfat forge, i am using the server out of zip, for the client I download use the ftb luncher and then made profile in in the minecraft luncher and is using that like I do with all the other modpack i have downloaded from ftb, so do not see that as issues.
  2. Mugestu

    Mugestu Guest

    It might possibly be your connection or your host (though i doubt it if its hosted on LAN)
    Other than that it's possibly mystcraft, The server usually has to wait 20-30 minutes from what I've read it should give a Done message in your console.
    I'd suggest either disabling mystcraft or attempt to wait for it.
    But i'm not much of a expert so...good luck.
  3. Dijkstar

    Dijkstar New Member

    Do not think it is the contention to the host as my direwofl20, AS2 and my mod pack server all work fine (i dont run then all at once), two of them have mystcraft and i have never had problem with them although it could be something new. Also I still have problem when the server been running over hour.

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