FTB Infinity generates a more than half MushroomIsland world [Resolved]

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by Micah333, Oct 2, 2015.

  1. Micah333

    Micah333 Active Member

    FTB Infinity generates a nearly half MushroomIsland world
    Launcher Version:
    FTB Infinity
    Modpack Version:
    v1.11.2 Server
    Log Link:

    Details of the issue:
    No matter how many times I generate a new world, or whether I change or supply a seed, or where I warp to tens of thousands of blocks away, nearly half of the world generated is MushroomIsland . Any ideas? Also, the biomesaplenty terraingen.cfg seems to have no affect. Thanks.
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  2. Alcheya

    Alcheya Well-Known Member

    Actually came to report/search for a fix for this issue as well. Tried to make a small server to play with my kids, but it's a mushroom island as far as the eye can see, with a little bit of desert in the mix.

    After regenerating new worlds 5 or 6 times, it gave me something that wasn't a mooshroom biome. Pretty large desert biome, but it's different and surrounded by plains and a forest. Perhaps I had just bad luck of the draw. Maybe try deleting and remaking the world a few times.
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  3. Micah333

    Micah333 Active Member

    Unfortunately, no matter how many times I delete the "world" folder, or ever the entire server folder to start from scratch, I get majority Mushroom worlds. Something is wrong with the pack, as a fresh extract of "FTBInfinity-1.11.2-1.7.10Server.zip" still generates a mostly Mushroom world, with no mod configs touched on my part. Anybody have any ideas? Not sure what else to try, having started from square-one multiple times already.

    Mooshroom World.png
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  4. Alcheya

    Alcheya Well-Known Member

    Yep, it happens to me as well, but after a few tries each time, I eventually get lucky. Was the server a fresh install? I remember one of the older iterations having a config issue that made this happen as well, but it wouldn't ever fix.
  5. Micah333

    Micah333 Active Member

    Yup, fresh start. EVERY time I generate a world with the server, it is dominantly MushroomIsland (and lots of Magical Forest too). The BoP settings seem to have no effect. However, if I generate the world in single player, things work properly and I start to see the new (other) biomes. I'm curious if you've since run into MushroomIsland on the world you thought was good? Every time I thought I might have gotten one, I only have to fly a bit, or teleport a bit, and then I'd see more dreaded Mooshrooms.
  6. Micah333

    Micah333 Active Member

    I changed the "level-type=DEFAULT" to "level-type=BIOMESOP" and now BoP is overriding/fixing whatever vanilla Mushroom nonsense was happening earlier. I wonder why the level-type doesn't default to BoP??? Maybe not possible? Anyways, it seems to be working now.
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  7. BenBtg

    BenBtg New Member

    I've been getting the exact same issue. Thought it was just bad luck!
  8. Patrix87

    Patrix87 New Member

    Same here,

    The solution was to generate with Biome O plenty

    Change the world type in server.properties to BIOMESOP

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