FTB Infinity Evolved - Release Date Announcement

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Feed the Beast

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Jul 29, 2019
Short news? Nah, BIG news!

Infinity Hard Mode - Announcement

We’ve got some exciting news, players. After over a month of closed testing and fine tweaking (and many more of development), the release date of Hard Mode is drawing ever near! Many of you have watched our FTBOne players battle their way up and down various progression trees, but now it’s almost time to experience the challenge yourselves.

Prepare yourselves!


FTB Infinity Evolved, originally titled Hard Mode, will be launching on October 30th at 12:00PM PST. The update to Infinity will be available on Curse as well as the FTB Launcher and will be togglable upon launch. We’ll be continuing to promote our FTBOne players and sharing behind-the-scenes work on our social media accounts leading up to the release. Be sure to follow the @FTB_Team Twitter for more content!

Geo Terra

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Jul 29, 2019
Looking forward to this. Maybe I'll finally figure out how all the mods work.

To progress on either side, magic or tech, you'll definitely have to progress through all of the mods to get something. Heck, to get a BUCKET, you'll need materials from Immersive Engineering & IC2 (2x Treated Sticks + 5x Iron = IC2 Hammer + 2 Iron Ingots = 1 Iron Plate & 3 Plates are needed for a bucket).
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Jul 29, 2019
So what PvE'rs gets? No infernal mobs, no specialmobs, no enderzoo...I'm sad...I would have liked to see all bosses infernal by default, like wither, wither skeleton, the dragons...


Hey! I LOVE the modpack! The only thing I would to point out is that exploration is fairly tedious. I mean, yes you can teleport to places you've been, but not anywhere new. I think the Archimedes ships' mod will GREATLY improve the experience of exploration. It is pretty fair, considering it has to be to be at least 40% balloons, and it moves fairly slowly. And if someone wishes to increase the speed they must add engines, which eat through coal at about the speed of a ravenous person in a restaurant.

Hope you at least consider,