Problem FTB Infinity Evolved Inevitable World Corruption.

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Jul 27, 2020
I have a FTB infinity evolved single player world that is not in expert mode. The modpack was installed with and accessed through the twitch launcher. The world showed clear signs of corruption after several months with no issues. New chunks will not load in, walking into an unloaded chunk causes you to fall and then teleport into the chunk you were in previously, open and closing the world takes extended periods of time, mobs freeze, joining the world causes you to fall endlessly for a while, closing the world often results in a crash and the inventory will get stuck in one tab (main tab, accessory tab, knapsack tab) and change tabs on its own.

FTB Infinity Evolved automatically makes backups. When my world was corrupted I restored a backup from before the corruption. The world was how it was when the back up was made except for Journey Map. The Journey Map would show chunks that had been explored after the backup was made. Everything else such as blocks in the world and items in my inventory was normal.

Besides journey map, everything in the restored world seemed fine. However, 30 minutes into the restored world I noticed the same signs of corruption as before. These showed up when I began to explore new chunks. I restored the world again and corruption showed itself when I began to load new chunks in. Each time Journey Map showed explored chunks from before. I restored older backups and the same thing happened.

It seems corruption is inevitable after using that world. I would like to find out what is causing the corruption and how to fix it. If more information is required to be able to solve my problem I can provide it.

Thank you.