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FTB Infinity Evolved Immersive Engineering Power Broken?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Calder Hutchins, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. Calder Hutchins

    Calder Hutchins New Member

    The HV wire connector and relays will not transfer power to any RF or EU taking machines such as the Energy Cells or MFE even if the Energy cell is touching the Kinetic Dynamo (windmill).

    I have tested it in single player and it works fine but in multiplayer it does not. The Capacitors work fine in SP and M, it should also be noted that transfer of power from the capacitors to Energy cells does not work either.

    Anyone know of a fix to this problem?
    The set-up on top is in Single player, the one on bottom is in multiplayer. 2015-11-12_15.03.20.png 2015-11-12_15.06.32.png
  2. DriftinFool

    DriftinFool New Member

    Try using the lower voltage cables. The windmills don't make that much power so there is no need for HV. Is it possible the server has the loss set high in the configs and the cables lose all the power before it gets to the energy cell? HV cables lose twice as much as LV cables and 4 times as much as MV cables over the same distance. HV cables are only meant for long distance transport and end game machines.
  3. Calder Hutchins

    Calder Hutchins New Member

    No i have tried with all cables and at short and long distances. I have even tried putting the energy cell on top of the Dynamo which did not give it power, though in single player it did.
  4. Dkittrell

    Dkittrell New Member

    did you set output?
  5. Tyrindor

    Tyrindor New Member

    My water mills using MV cables to a redstone energy cell work fine on my server. I would imagine the dynamos aren't getting power. You have to click the wind mills onto them correctly. If you place it wrong, it'll look right but won't work.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2015
  6. Dkittrell

    Dkittrell New Member

    Yea mine work fine too on expert with the HV connectors so something has to be incorrectly set
  7. Calder Hutchins

    Calder Hutchins New Member

    We ran /ftb_reload and it got fixed, not sure why, but it worked.
  8. Ill give you the answer- you dynamos are the incorrect way round. The dynamo has a copper coil styled face, and that face needs to face the power source. Hope i helped!
  9. DanteDarkstar

    DanteDarkstar New Member

    I had some very weird issues with IE version included in Infinity Evolved, but when I updated to latest IE, everything was fixed. I know there was some loading/saving bug with the IE energy net that got fixed in the two versions between Infinity one and latest.
  10. Predatorkillol

    Predatorkillol New Member

    It does not matter which side you output the power. I personally use the bottom face most of the time so I can have my waterwheels adjacent to each other.
  11. Correct. the power input is what is needs to be direction. power output can be from any of the other sides.

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