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FTB Infinity Evolved - Best Hammer? (TConstruct)

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by SolidSnakeSVK, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. SolidSnakeSVK

    SolidSnakeSVK New Member

    So, i was experimenting around TConstruct and i think i found the best combination for the Hammer:
    Bedrockium Hammer Head (despite its mining speed and level)
    Manyullyn Tough Rod
    Paper Large Plate (additional modifier)
    Signalum Large Plate

    Redstone (4 Times)

    Optional Modifiers:
    Lapis (Fortune)
    Silk (Silk touch)
    Lava Crystal (auto smelt)

    The hammer should be relatively fast (+ Haste III) , almost unbreakable and with Fortune or Silk Touch should be good.
    However, it is not able to mine Cobalt so for Branch mining (sorta) it is good.
  2. sokratis12GR

    sokratis12GR New Member

    It is not actually the best hammer that you can create in FTB Infinity Envolved, Because If you can get some Signalium or Enderium You can create alot better. Here are some examples for good Hammers:
    Signalium Hammer Head (Quite Fast, can break almost anything)
    Enderium Tough Rod
    Paper Large Plate (2 Times)

    Flux Capasitor [400 000] is the best option. If You hold the item with this moddifier while having an power source you have pretty much Unbreakable Hammer.
    Redstone [To Max :D ]

    (You must have left 1 Modifier Remaining At least)
    For Silk Touch Hammers :

    You must left 2 Modifier Remaining At least)
    For Fortune Hammers:
    Lava Crystal (auto smelt)
    Lapis [To Max :D]
  3. Photoloss

    Photoloss New Member

    The 3x3 tools have an intrinsic, multiplicative mining speed penalty, which also seems to apply to redstone modifiers. It does not apply to the Stonebound modifier though, which gives you an option for a very potent hammer, albeit with a drawback: Ardite.
    Here's some stats where I filled up only extra modifiers gained from parts to save some clicking:

    "classic approach": Enderium head&plates, Thaumium tool rod:
    • durability: 12869->14298
    • mining speed: 8 (1 redstone from rod)
    "paper tool": Enderium head, Thaumium plate, paper plate, Magical Wood rod:
    • durability: 4590->5100
    • mining speed: 12.66 (3 redstone, thaumium plate is slightly faster than paper)
    full Ardite:
    • durability: 9000
    • mining speed: 3.2
    • max stonebound bonus: 15.01 !!!
    • this brings the total mining speed to 18.21, which beats the OP Enderium with vanilla TiCo :p
    fastest combination I found: 1 ExtraTiC Bedrockium plate, rest Ardite:
    • durability: 486000
    • mining speed: 2.26
    • max stonebound bonus: 23.15. :D
    • total mining speed at 1 durability: 25.41
    Yes, unless the ingame stats are vastly misleading basic Ardite outperforms even the best Enderium option! The ExtraTiC version is crazy fast, but of course it has a massive drawback: you have to mine up almost half a million blocks before reaching that speed, and you have to do it AGAIN every time you die with the "-10% durability penalty" option enabled.

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